October 11, 2013 02:40 PM

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You think you know Taylor Swift, but you have no idea. Well, okay, you probably do, since the 23-year-old singer pours her heart out on her very personal albums and can often be spotted expressing herself (oops!) at awards shows.

But the singer reveals a more mature side of herself in November’s InStyle, on stands now. She touches on a wide range of topics, from having a ton in common with Lena Dunham to whether she can actually have guy friends, as well as sharing how she’s evolving in fashion and in flirtation.

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First off, she discusses whether she’s been trying to amp up her sexiness (especially when compared to some other former teen stars we could name). “It’s never been a priority for me to try to be sexy, and I think growing up is something you should do gradually,” she says. “Some people do [skip ahead], and that’s their choice, careerwise, if they want to go down that path.”

But since her latest album, Red, definitely had a grown-up feel, the reporter wonders if she’s ever been in love. “I’d like to think that if you’re with the right person, you feel great about things you’ve never felt great about before. At least that’s how I’ve heard it’s supposed to be. I wouldn’t know.” So, that’s a no? “I don’t know. I think you can love someone without it being that great love.”

On less serious grounds, Swift talks about her favorite designers (Elie Saab and Ralph Lauren) and mall stores (Anthropologie and Urban, of course), spills on her style icons (bet you can guess) and even shares her favorite red lip color: Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge No. 8, if you’re looking to pick one up yourself.

Check out the rest of the candid interview in the new issue, and be sure to check out InStyle.com for her most stunning red carpet styles and her changing looks throughout the years. Are you liking this new, more mature Taylor? And who are your style icons?

–Alex Apatoff

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