YouTube beauty guru Tati Westbrook called out James Charles for entitled and predatory behavior in a video posted Friday that has since gone viral

In the wake of her feud with James Charles, YouTube beauty guru Tati Westbrook is taking a break from creating videos.

Since Westbrook uploaded a 43-minute video on Friday titled ‘BYE SISTER’ in which she accused Charles of being unsupportive, attacked him for spreading lies about her, slammed him for alleged comments he made about other beauty influencers, and claimed he had a habit of sexually harassing straight men, she’s received outpouring support from fans. While Charles has lost over 3 million subscribers (by Monday morning, his page dropped from 16.5 million subscribers to 13.8 million and counting), Westbrook has risen from 5.9 million on Friday to 9.1 million (and counting) subscribers.

But despite the love she’s receiving for speaking her truth, Westbrook did not post her usual Monday afternoon video to YouTube today (she typically posts three times a week).

Tati Westbrook
Credit: Tati Westbrook/Instagram

“There won’t be a video tomorrow,” Westbrook tweeted late Sunday night. “My heart is still too heavy.”

Westbrook insinuated that fans that attacking and bullying Charles amid the drama isn’t the right way to resolve the problem.

“I feel like I need to remind you that we can hold truth & inspire change without grabbing onto hate. Honor your blessings, don’t abuse them. Celebrating pain will only bring it to your door. love you guys, see you soon,” she continued.

Westbrook has not responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Westbrook received support from fellow YouTuber and Makeup Geek founder Marlena Stell after posting her tweet. “That’s a grown woman and professional response right there. Lots of respect,” Stell said.

Other fans replied to Westbrook’s tweet encouraging her to take as much time off from YouTube as she needs. “take all the time you need, you deserve to be fully healed and feel all the happiness you deserve. i cant express how much you mean to me & the impact you’ve had on my life. thank you for being you,” one subscriber tweeted.

Westbrook is famous for being one of the original content creators on YouTube. She first joined the platform in January 2011 and took Charles under her wing as he got his start in the beauty industry years later. She’s become known for her thorough, authentic and honest reviews of beauty products in many now-viral series, like “Favorites Or Hate Its,” “WTF? First Impressions,” and “Full Day Wear Tests.”

In March 2018, Westbrook announced the launch of her new company, Halo Beauty, which offers various beauty and wellness vitamins. The YouTuber openly addressed accusations and misinformation about her vitamins in a lengthy video following the launch.

“I knew that launching a vitamin was going to be a challenge. I knew that doing something this different was going to bring unique challenges,” Westbrook said. “This formula that I have brought to market, I wouldn’t bring anything to market unsafe, first off. We do clear labeling as far as pregnant women, breastfeeding women…I am working on the advice of biochemists and an advisory board that helped me formulate this product.”