Taraji P. Henson Is Now a Member of the Denim Chap Boots Hall of Fame Thanks to Rihanna

The actress showed off her complicated new shoes on Instagram

Photo: Taraji P Henson/Instagram

Rihanna‘s mode of dress is pretty singular. Predominately composed of enormous puffer jackets, tiny bags, and crippling lace-up heels only the baddest can pull off with ease, there’s no mistaking the singer’s distinct sense of style for anyone else’s. So naturally, when it came to the designs for her capsule collection of shoes for Manolo Blahnik, the resulting set of heels were intended for a very particular type of women, a group who has thus far included Jennifer Lopez and Riri herself. But it seems this Fenty squad has just initiated their newest member, Taraji P. Henson.

Given her love for drama, glamour and a serious statement heel both on and off the big screen, we should have known Henson would eventually wind up in a pair of Rihanna’s instantly iconic denim chap boots one way or another. It seems the actress finally got her hands on the coveted bedazzled belted heels thanks to her alter ego Cookie Lyons. The Empire star wore a pair of the Blahniks while shooting a new scene for the forthcoming season of the show, sharing a photo of herself in costume on Instagram.

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For Cookie’s latest look, the show’s stylist paired Riri’s denim chaps with a white blouse with blouson sleeves, a multicolor fur, and a western-inspired black bow at the neck. And in case this look wasn’t unique enough, she even customized the Manolo boots a little more, adding a smattering of brooches pinned all over her thighs.

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But this his hardly the first time Taraji has channeled bad gal Riri in both her professional and private life.

It seems safe to say that pretty much every ensemble Cookie struts down the street in could equally be worthy of its own cameo in a Rihanna music video. This gray mink and Balenciaga boots fresh off the runway for example seem to perfectly channel the pop star’s fashion M.O.

Likewise, we could easily see the Puma designer going pants-less in a giant hoodie and leather jacket, letting her Alexander Wang tights do all the talking.

In fact, we’ve already seen her do just that.

A waist-length pony and an oversize, borrowed-from-the-boys button-up is also a move straight out of Rih’s playbook.


In fact, the pop star’s look famously fanned rumors about her and Drake’s potential romance.

But of course, it’s no secret that Taraji has been a Rihanna stan since day 1.

And clearly, the feeling is mutual.

What do you think of Taraji’s chaps? Would you wear them? Sound off below!

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