"This is not just something I put my name on. I'm a Virgo! I put it under a lot of scrutiny," Henson says of creating her products

By Jackie Fields
February 01, 2021 09:50 AM
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Credit: courtesy TPH by Taraji

When Taraji P. Henson made her foray into beauty with a 17-piece haircare line last January, the star was just getting started. On January 31, she introduced four more additions to the line available at tphbytaraji.com, target.com and Target stores now. See what she has to say about her new products and the importance of self-care, below.

"When I first launched this line, it was for me," says Henson, who's collection emphasized scalp care. With the celeb constantly fielding questions about how she kept her hair so healthy, she wanted to show fans, "This is how I do it."

But an entrepreneur at heart, Henson responded when her consumers voiced their opinions. "When you're building a brand, you must listen to them." This next crop of four products in the new IntenseMoisture + Care collection addresses their immediate needs.   

Credit: courtesy TPH by Taraji

First up, a moisturizing conditioning mask called Mask On. "I did not have a deep conditioner in the line – and that's the first thing I heard," Henson says. Enter this nutrient-rich treatment that you "literally can leave in all day." The star's also proud of the product's consistency. "It doesn't drip – so there's no waste. It stays where it's supposed to stay, and does the job where it's supposed to do it."

Credit: courtesy TPH by Taraji

Second in the set, a moisture-rich curl crème called Curls 4 Days. "I wanted a product that would moisturize curls but not leave them feeling icky." A tip from Henson: "A little goes a long way, take your time to get the quantity you need just right."

Credit: courtesy TPH by Taraji

Of all the options in this drop, Henson personally needed Twist & Set – a twisting cream – the most. "I was having an issue with my twist outs. I couldn't find anything that would keep my hair from shrinking, or that wouldn't dry it out. So when I can't find it, I create it."

Credit: courtesy TPH by Taraji

Last but not least: Keep Shining. This dry oil mist is for those who needed something a little lighter than her OG oil, Glow Up. Henson put it in a compact bottle on purpose. "When I have my hair out, it needs constant moisture. So this you can put it in your purse and take with you everywhere."

For Henson, this is a labor of love. "This is not just something I put my name on. I'm a Virgo! I put it under a lot of scrutiny."

And she's already thinking about what's next. "I just have so much more coming, and so many more incredible, innovative ideas. I'm in my space. And the possibilities are endless."

Credit: TPH

Not only does she take product creation seriously, she hopes to change the narrative around the hair care process. 

"It's like, 'Ugh, I've got to wash my hair, girl.' It shouldn't be like that," Henson says. "The hair's an extension of you and of your beauty, and you should enjoy taking care of yourself. It shouldn't be a hassle. And that's what we're trying to accomplish with this line, and not like, 'this is a chore.'"

Credit: TPH

Henson says that means turning wash day into spa day. "I take about four hours [to myself] because it's not just about, let me clean my hair, it's about mental pampering. I'll come over to my salon [area], and I'll be like, 'Okay, first thing is the scalp,' and I'll do that. Then when my conditioner's in, I'm sitting under the dryer, or I might even [create] a steam shower while it's in so I can steam my hair. Then I'll go on to pamper my hands and feet with paraffin wax. It's a whole day on me."