Tara Lipinski's Engagement Party Was So Fun, Her Fiancé Split His Pants (It Was Johnny Weir's Fault)

All the gorgeous details from the big day!

Tara Lipinski may not have done “one ounce of wedding planning,” but she knows exactly the vibe she’s going for: “a big party, lots of dancing and music and I like it when my friends are able to really let loose and have one of those fun crazy nights.” And she got a test run at her Mindy Weiss-planned engagement party at L.A.’s Mr. C, where she had all that and more — including a DJ so good her fiancé Todd Kapostasy (and two other guys) ripped their pants on the dance floor. But more on that later.

John & Joseph Photography for Wedding Paper Divas

John & Joseph Photography for Wedding Paper Divas

The party, held Saturday, was a joint effort between the celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas, so naturally the décor was top-notch — not to mention a far cry from Lipinski’s initial engagement party plan to “have people over to the house.” Details included the couple’s “monogram,” TNT, on napkins and desserts, as well as a painting Kapostasy had commissioned as part of the proposal.

“When he proposed to me that night, I had no idea,” she said. “I love Christmas windows and I love Christmas, and when we were in New York, he said, ‘I found this really cool Christmas window you haven’t seen … he had taken over one of the Plaza [Hotel] windows, and he had that painting in the window! When I saw that I knew, that was my house and him on one knee. By the time I turned to him, he was on one knee. We used that picture on the invites and on the trays.”

Tara Lipinski engagement party

John & Joseph Photography for Wedding Paper Divas

Another custom element of her party? Her just-for-her Mark Zunino dress, which converted from a princess-y A-line number to a body-hugging dance floor stunner. “I thought I was going to wear white — but again, we thought we were going to have a few people over in the backyard and hang out for our engagement party. I did not envision a beautiful dress like that!” she says of the dress, which came about after an introduction from Weiss to Zunino.

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“That was probably my favorite dress I’ve ever been able to wear. When I went there I didn’t know what I wanted,” she says of the dress, which she paired with Charlotte Olympia heels (“that nice little platform they put on helps a 5-ft-2 girl out!”) and her engagement ring (“it’s everything I always wanted”). “Sometimes I have trouble making decisions, which is probably not good in the wedding planning process. He was awesome, because I didn’t know if I wanted a tighter dress that I could have fun in and dance in, but I also loved … the big princess skirt. And he was like, Don’t worry, we’ll do both! I had so much fun, I’m so sad that part’s over. It’s so short lived, you can’t wear that dress for so long. I’m looking forward to that for the wedding.”

Tara Lipinski engagement party

John & Joseph Photography for Wedding Paper Divas

Lipinski says she doesn’t have the slightest idea what she wants to wear on the big day (she was on her way to try on dresses with her mom Monday!) but thinks there may be a couple looks involved. “I love dressing up; obviously Johnny [Weir] and I, at every event, like to go overboard. I will take full advantage of this and enjoy this process,” she says. “My mom says, Oh, you have to stay in your wedding dress, the night will go so quickly. But there’s a part of me that’s like, I love a quick change! We’ll see, maybe I’ll find out more today.”

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And while she may not be quite ready to start making big-day decisions (“Todd and I were like, Oh … things will go wrong and we won’t care at all, I’ll be such an easy bride,” she says of the party planning process. “Then we started: What appetizers do you want, and there are 500 to pick from, I’m like, Oh God Tara, stay stay calm. Make a decision.”) she is looking forward to even more fun on the big day. Which brings us back to that pants splitting episode.

“Johnny and I were being silly, choreographing programs and doing lifts,” she says. “Johnny’s like, OK, Todd, take over! Todd and I were dancing and all of a sudden he steps back and looks at me like, Uh uh. Oh boy. [Luckily], Mindy Weiss’s team is incredible. She swept him away and had a little sewing kit and sewed his pants right back up!”

Do you love her party details?

— Alex Apatoff

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