See the transformation, and get style tips galore from the Queer Eye breakout star

By Lindy Segal
March 12, 2018 06:03 PM
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If you have a Netflix account, chances are you’ve binged Queer Eye in the last month (and if you haven’t — let us be the 100th voice to tell you to get on that). The reboot takes the original show’s premise — five gay men making over straight men — and builds upon it, while tapping into emotions you didn’t even know you had. The show’s experts, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk have emerged as breakout stars, and fans — including your friendly neighborhood PeopleStyle editors — are clamoring for more episodes of the hit show. So when we were given the opportunity to team up with Tan, the show’s resident fashion expert, on a project, we couldn’t pass it up. We asked the stylist to make over one of our own male staff members, Mike, using affordable clothes and shoes from stores like Wal-Mart and Topman, and he was more than up to the challenge. Watch Tan in action in the Facebook live video below!

Tan’s Tips:

-It’s all about the fit. As Tan says, “It doesn’t matter if the item isn’t your favorite thing, as long it fits well.”

-When it comes to Tan’s all-time favorite, a good print, he advises going for a muted color like blue to ease in.

-There’s a right and wrong way to do plaid. Keep the colors simple so you can rewear them often, and with different pants. And per Tan, “nobody needs an abundance of plaid.”

-For shorter a.k.a. “vertically challenged” guys, Tan recommends a skinny, rather than a slim-leg jean to lengthen. Stretch denim ensures you’ll still feel comfortable and be able to move around.

-Buttoning up a shirt all the way to the top adds instant polish to any look.

-Fans of the show know this one, but “Every man — and every woman too — needs a white sneaker.” And tuck in your laces to make the look even cleaner.

-Take a look from day to night by changing out your shoes and taking off a layer. In this case, Tan swapped Mike’s white sneakers to suede boots, and had him lose the bomber jacket.

-The shoe every guy needs, but doesn’t have? “You know how Oprah has her moment about bread? Mine’s about boots,” he says adding that with the proper style, “You could wear it to a meeting at work, you could wear it to a date, you could wear it to a wedding with a suit.”

Mike’s final look: George shirt, $14,; T-shirt, $29,; bomber jacket, $35,; jeans, $60,; sneakers, $75,; boots, $165,