The TV host speaks out with Today's style squad to empower women


On Thursday, Today launched Today Style — its newest vertical, which will provide beauty and fashion tips, tricks and overall empowerment. Deborah Turness, the president of NBC News said about the launch, “It’s really about celebrating real women with real bodies and real budgets. We really are committed to not making women feel intimidated, and to helping them celebrate the bodies they’re in and making them feel good about themselves.”

In order to spread confidence, Today is starting the “I Love My…” movement, which, in a Facebook Live video, Tamron Hall says challenged her to admit that she loves her hair (a subject about which she wrote an essay as well). “When they asked me that, I went into a panic, because we’re conditioned not to say what we love. Because it’s seen as vanity.”

In the hopes of not sounding vain, the star first said that she loves her ears — before admitting what it really is that she appreciates about herself.

“My first answer was my ears, cause I didn’t want to get hate mail, and then I said my hair,” she explains, adding that her short look, which she first cut when she was 18 years old, is what makes her feel like herself — despite all of the hateful comments it sparked.


“I started getting really nasty comments from people on social media about my hair, making assumptions about me as a person.” So she started growing it out — until her mother asked her why. Tamron responded, “I said, ‘I’m growing it out, people think I look like a boy.'”

But when she took her mother’s advice and cut it back to her signature short style, Hall says, “My soul came back. And I said, ‘This is who I am, and deal with it.'”

That’s not all she’s proud of, however. Hall says she also loves her age — something that she’s proud to be open about. “I’m 46 now — Which is another thing I love about myself. I’m not gonna hide my age. I’m 46 — that’s what it is. Google it.”

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And she’s not the only one to join in on the movement. Hall also chatted with the members of Today‘s Style Squad, Lilliana Vasquez, Bobbie Thomas and Jill Martin. Martin shared that after years of being called “pizza face” in school and sitting alone at lunch, she loves her skin.” She adds, “I used to dance on Club MTV when I was 16 years old. We wore these ridiculous outfits that my father said, ‘I cannot believe you’re wearing that on national television.’ That gave me confidence, because I didn’t care what anyone thought.”

For more from Hall, watch the video above. And tell us: what do you love about yourself?