The VH1 realty star speaks about why she got her eye color permanently changed.

Tiny, the VH1 reality-star and wife of rapper T.I., just had a cosmetic procedure so groundbreaking it isn’t even legal in the U.S. yet: She’s gone from brown-eyed to gray — for good.

Tiny revealed her new look on Instagram this week saying, “I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it!! Huge thanks to the incredible doctor for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true!” along with a close-up of her new ice-gray eyes.

Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty; Courtesy Tiny

Paras Griffin/Getty; Courtesy Tiny

Since opening up on social media about getting Brightocular (which is essentially a permanent colored contact that is applied over your actual iris), the Internet has been buzzing about whether or not this is safe, why she decided to have this done, and if its something she’ll grow to regret. To silence “the haters,” (her words) she reached out to PEOPLE to chat candidly about her new look.

“I had been wearing colored contacts for a couple of years and they were making my vision blurry,” said Tiny tells PEOPLE. “A friend of mine mentioned that she had heard of a procedure where you could permanently change your eye color and we looked into it. We researched it for a bit but I was nervous because … it’s your eyes! But two years later it came up again. I spoke to the doctors and to patients who’d had it. I learned that there was no downtime, that it only took about 15 minutes — plus it’s reversible. When I found out that your could reverse it, I was sold.”

According to what Tiny’s doctors told her, the procedure is simple, painless, and completely safe. “The implant that they use to cover your natural eye color is a medical implant usually used on patients with eye illnesses like glaucoma,” Tiny explained. She adds that there haven’t been any reports of side effects or botched cases. And aside from a slight headache afterwards, she’s been feeling great and “loving it!” What may hurt a little more than the procedure? The price. It costs around $10,000 — and that’s before the cost of your plane ticket to Tunisia, one of the few places you can legally have it done. Tiny also notes the suffering that comes with not being able to wear any makeup for three weeks post-procedure. “It’s killing me! I want to get some lash extensions on and enhance my new eye color so badly!”

Tiny's Eyes

Paras Griffin/Getty; Courtesy Tiny

And as for those “haters” she’s addressing? “You have to do what makes you happy. As long as you’re being healthy and safe, just do what makes you feel good,” she says. “People are saying I must have low self-esteem, but if you really know me, I have no problems in the self esteem department!” And what does her husband T.I. think of all his? “He always thinks I’m crazy. But when I told him I researched it he didn’t have a problem with it. He loved my eyes before and he loves them now too. He just loves me.”

What do you think of Tiny’s new eye color? Would you ever consider trying Brightocular? Tell us your thoughts below.

–Loni Venti