April 07, 2014 03:51 PM

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Tallulah Willis, 20 (center), had some very high-profile support for her new fashion venture — Emma Roberts, Zoey Deutch and her sisters Rumer, 25 (left), and Scout, 22, hit the Elodie K. boutique in West Hollywood to celebrate the launch of Tallulah’s new fashion blog, The Clothing Coven. Dad Bruce and his due-any-minute wife Emma also showed up to fête Willis’s new blog.

“I have a built-in stylist at home,” Emma tells PEOPLE of her stepdaughter. “‘Lulah comes to my closet and [cleans] it out in five minutes: ‘You need this; you don’t need that; put that with this.’ I always ask her opinion about most of my outfits.”

One notably absent guest: mom Demi, who’s been laying low since ex Ashton Kutcher announced his engagement to pregnant girlfriend Mila Kunis. “She couldn’t make it, I guess,” Scout said. (According to Rumer, their mother was having a quiet night at home.) Tallulah still credited her mother’s iconic style for influencing her own passion for fashion.

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“Personally, her ’90s style is my favorite just because I’m obsessed with ’90s women,” she says. “She went to this premiere one time and she was wearing this purple dress with a diamond in her hair and her boobs were pushed up to high heaven. There’s a Polaroid of that in Scout’s bathroom that I look at all the time.”

In their younger years when they lived under mom’s roof, all three Willis sisters would routinely battle over Demi’s discarded duds. “We stole all of her clothing,” admits Tallulah. “We had this rule that if it’s mom’s, then no one really has claim over it. It’s like, ‘You had this for three months, I’m going to take it back now.'”

The girls also shop dad Bruce’s closet for sweaters and more. “We’ve all stolen all of his clothes too,” says Scout. “I used to wear his cowboy boots with socks stuffed in them.”

Tallulah’s blog comes on the heels of her leave of absence from the University of San Francisco. “I really needed to reevaluate because I felt I was wasting my time,” she explains. “I said to [my parents], ‘Guys, it’s not happening for me there. I’m not passionate, thriving, growing and creating.’ They said, ‘You need to find something then,’ and I said of course I would, which is [my blog].”

“I was never concerned,” claims Bruce of his daughter’s bold life move. “She is very smart, very good at what she does and has a great sense of style.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s looking for any fashion tips. “’Lulah knows better than to tell me anything about fashion,” Bruce tells People. “She’ll say, ‘You’re not going to wear those jeans, are you?’ And I say, ‘Yes I am.’”

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–William Keck

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