The singing star gives a tour of her closet on the latest episode of FM

By Kate Hogan
January 09, 2013 04:00 PM

You’d think that a girl who stands just 5-ft., 2-in. would be all about her high heels. And while Alexa Ray Joel does love a super-high stiletto, her collection of shoes is actually quite small.

“Believe it or not I am not a huge shoe girl,” Joel tells pop star Kimberly Cole on the latest episode of StyleHaul’s FM (check out a clip below). “I do more up top, I feel, so then I want something basic.”

[brightcoveplayer 2081631007001]

Some of her favorite brands? “Louboutin, to me, you can’t go wrong. Manolos are classic but they’re never quite high enough for me.” (We wish we had such problems!) In fact, Joel says that some of her extra-tall heels are actually more comfortable than certain flats — a theory we don’t really have the desire to test.

To hear more from Joel, see her vintage clothing collection and listen to her sing, check out the latest episode of FM, live on StyleHaul now. Tell us: Are you a shoe girl? A handbag girl? What’s your favorite kind of accessory?