Seriously -- what IS going on with Lindsay Lohan's lower half here?


We all know Tabatha Coffey, Bravo’s sharp-tongued Aussie style pro, from her newest show, Tabatha Takes Over, which is in its fifth season! And now, she’s bringing her talents online, joining us at PEOPLE StyleWatch each week to dish on some of the bestand worst – celebrity looks of the week. Keep in mind the opinions below belong solely to the stylist … though she’s probably saying what lots of you are thinking, anyway!

Today, she takes on Lindsay Lohan, whose outfit required a double- or triple-take.

Hey there Lindsay! Well, don’t you look all bright eyed and fresh-faced, ready to jump on the big ol’ airplane? Where ya going? New York? I have to say, you look pretty comfy and ready to enjoy a long flight.

I can tell you’re a pro at traveling because you are sticking to the No. 1 rule of flying: dressing in layers. You have your scarf on, just in case you get cold. You have a cute little jacket on over what appears to be either a comfy tee or cozy tank of some sort. Oh and look, your iPhone is nestled in your front pocket for in-flight entertainment.

Let’s keep looking at the rest of your outfit, shall we? Hmmm, I see, you decided to wear some comfy jeans with some WTF ARE THOSE?! Are you wearing hooker boots up to your hoo-ha??? No, no, no that can’t be. I know you wouldn’t bust out the Pretty Woman boots out for a flight in first class. Let me look again.

OH DEAR LORD NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Are those jeather pants you have on?! Yes, jeather pants: jeans and leather combo. What are you, president of the Sons of Anarchy fan club? Is this your idea of “chic chaps?”

I was totally thrown off because I really thought you had those thigh-high boots on, but no. They’re just thick black leather knee boots. This has got to be some kind of joke.

I’m just going to stop right here and create a scenario in my head as to why you think this is fashionable. Honestly, I don’t want to waste my time, so I won’t. Just get some new pants when you reach your final destination.

Tell us: Do you agree with Tabatha, or is she being too harsh? Let us know in the comments below!