The three sisters will aid presenters and winners on Sunday's broadcast

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated January 06, 2017 05:25 PM
Credit: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Three new – but familiar! – faces will be gracing the Golden Globes stage on Sunday night! Sylvester Stallone’s daughters (from left) Sistine, 18, Scarlet, 14, and Sophia, 20, will be following in the footsteps of Rumer Willis, Dakota Johnson, Greer Grammer and more of Hollywood’s daughters (and the occasional son) as Miss Golden Globe, which comes with the duty of escorting presenters and winners on and off stage during the award show. That means a lot of screen time, and a lot of thought about what their fashion and beauty looks will be. We chatted with the girls, who attended the awards’ preview day with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, about what they’ve got planned.

First up? What to wear. The sisters told People they’re considering wearing black dresses, but regardless they’ll plan to be wearing the same color. “I think we’re all going to have the same color scheme so we match in that department but each have a different style that complements our body shape and incorporates each of our individual personalities in each look,” Sistine says.

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Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

So what styles are they thinking? Sistine says her vibe is chic and edgy, Scarlet says hers is a bit more “tomboyish” and Sophia, the eldest, plans to go for something more classic.

“Since I’m the oldest, I try to stay a bit more sophisticated and keep it simple,” Sophia explains. “Out of everyone I think Sistine can rock the complex, cool, rocker look.”

But once they’re dressed, there’s still one more obstacle to overcome (as Jennifer Lawrence can tell you): walking gracefully in heels. “I think that the one I’m most nervous for is tripping but hopefully we’ll have some comfortable shoes that will solve the problem,” Sistine says. Sophia agrees: “I’m planning on wearing some damn good heels so I don’t fall over. I think out of everyone, Scarlet will trip … We call her the baby giraffe.” Adds Scarlet: “I’m the most clumsy out of all of them.” (Don’t believe her? She says her dad Sylvester is playing Rocky Balboa to her Apollo Creed, Jr. when it comes to stiletto mastery: “He makes me train in heels for an hour every day so I don’t fall!”)

As for their hair, their colorist, Michelle Pugh, has worked up individual looks for each of the girls (from Sistine’s “fashion model glam” highlights to Sophia’s much blonder style), but she shares that Sylvester has a major say in their final looks, even to the point of having colored their hair in the past.

“The girls and [their mom] Jennifer have told me Sly’s father was a hairdresser — and they said he also trained to do it before becoming an actor,” Pugh says. “He colored Sistine and Sophia’s hair blonde when they were younger, and Scarlett had some lightening he had done on her a few months back. He is very much the stamp of approval on whether or not we’ve done a good job, on the girls and Jennifer. And I love that.”

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–Reporting by Melody Chiu