Sydney Sweeney Was 'Not' into Makeup Before 'Euphoria' : 'I Could Barely Figure Out Eyeliner'

The actress opened up to PEOPLE about her new partnership with Sol by Jergens and her favorite beauty moments from Euphoria

Sydney Sweeny Sol by Jergens
Photo: Shelby Goldstein/Courtesy SOL by Jergens

Sydney Sweeney is answering your burning beauty questions.

The actress, who stars as Cassie Howard in the hit HBO series, Euphoria, opens up to PEOPLE about her new title as a SOL by Jergens ambassador and her favorite beauty moments from season 2 of the hit show.

Cassie's intense, 4 a.m. morning routine — among other dramatic moments — was a highlight of season 2. As fans recall, in an attempt to impress her best friend's ex, Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi), Cassie started each morning before school with a three-hour routine, that included: scrubbing, shaving, moisturizing, rolling, masking and more.

Sweeney, 24, tells PEOPLE that "some" of the products viewers saw episode 3 were her own.

"I brought a box from my bathroom and started using them," she says. "One of my favorites is this ice roller. I actually use it every day."

While Sweeney has a credible beauty routine, she admits she wasn't always as makeup-savvy, like her on-screen character. "I barely could figure out how to do my own eyeliner or find the right color foundation."

Still, Sweeney enjoyed getting glammed up. "I really loved the beauty for the Oklahoma look," Sweeney says of the bathroom scene, during which Maddy (Alexa Demie) asks Cassie why she looks like a "country music star."

"[Makeup designer] Donni Davy did the eyes so beautifully. I loved having my makeup be raw too, it was such a vulnerable look," Sweeney tells PEOPLE.

Aside from her Oklahoma-glam moment, Sweeney's Cassie is seen with an array of intricate eye makeup, brought to life through the use of jewels, shapes and light eyeshadow colors such as blue and pink.

Sydney Sweeny Sol by Jergens
Shelby Goldstein/Courtesy SOL by Jergens

"Her work is full of a lot of pinks and blues — my favorite colors," Sweeney says.

As one can imagine, wearing such heavy makeup constantly can put some wear on your skin — something Sweeney didn't take lightly.

"I [made] sure I washed my face. No matter how tired I was, I would make sure my skin was clean and then apply good, nourishing skin care."

Having healthy skin is important to Sweeney, which is why her Jergens partnership makes sense.

Speaking about SOL by Jergens — a collection of self tanners — Sweeney says: "It's my sun in a bottle. I'm always on the go and try to protect my skin as much as possible, so being able to use something that's easy to apply, not messy and safer than cooking in the sun is why I've always been a fan of SOL by Jergens."

In addition to her skin, Sweeney maintains healthy hair. The actress recently ditched her signature blonde tresses for a warm red mane — done by Nine Zero One Salon co-owner Nikki Lee.

"I was so excited to switch up my hair for a new role. It's actually just a tinted wash, so I'm not having to constantly color my hair and kill it."

Speaking on how she nurtures her hair, Sweeney adds: "I use a lot of deep conditioning masks and try not to use heat on my hair when I'm not working. It's always fun diving into a character that's not myself and changing up my looks."

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