November 28, 2011 05:00 PM

Joe Kohen/WireImage; Inset: Peter Brooker/Rex USA

Having a stylish sister definitely has its benefits — especially when you’re a rising star in the spotlight. That’s the case for sisters Kate and Rooney Mara, both finding themselves under Hollywood’s fashionable magnifying glass these days.

“My sister and I, we share a lot of clothes cause we’re relatively the same size,” Kate told last week during a Michael Kors party in Los Angeles. “We share shoes a lot, although [my feet] are a little bit smaller than hers so I kind of have to put padding in her shoes when I borrow hers, and she has to squeeze into mine.”

The American Horror Story star, whose younger sister stars in the upcoming Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, enjoys shopping for new items just as much as she loves shopping her sister’s closet. “I’m looking for some good booties,” she said. “There are some cool combat boots with studs on them, which I’m obsessed with. I love studs on leather jackets and boots.”

She’s also a fan of less conventional fashion trends, like wearing white in winter. “Black’s kind of easy, but I love a white blazer … a white dress during the holidays is always super-flattering,” she shared. “Then you can pump it up with a great necklace, or great shoes.” Tell us: Do you have a sister? Do you (or did you) share clothes?


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