The actress has been attending the festival since the '70s and has learned a lot of red carpet style tricks along the way

By Emily Kirkpatrick
May 19, 2017 12:26 PM

Susan Sarandon has been doing the whole celebrity rigmarole of red carpets, film premieres, and paparazzi since the ’70s, so when it comes to the glitz and glamour of it all, she’s understandably a little bit jaded. After all, a whole lot has changed since she first started walking the step and repeat, most notably how heavily scrutinized and dissected by the media every outfit, hairstyle, and makeup look has become. But while the 70-year-old actress doesn’t read the Internet’s reactions to her assortment of super glamorous (and revealing!) looks, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE she did admit she’s learned a whole lot since her first time attending the Cannes Film Festival.

When asked about her red carpet style and how it’s evolved, Sarandon said, “I mean the first time I came to Cannes was for Pretty Baby. You should look up those pictures, I have no makeup or hair people, I’m wearing a vintage dress. That’s where I learned that when you take a flash photograph you can see right through your dress.”

Robert Picard/INA/Getty

In other words, a total about-face from the way things are done today, the 70-year-old star elaborated, “All the red carpet stuff has become just like everything else, so corporatized, so big, so massively reviewed, so…as a woman it’s not something you just throw on.” She added, “For me, it’s like having a massive essay due, you’re trying to think how will I get it together, especially when you’re working and you’re doing other things. So you’re very dependent on your team. I don’t have a stylist, I don’t have a PR person, I don’t have that kind of stuff really in play, so I’m very lucky that the L’Oréal team is so together and so good and hooked me up with everyone else in a way that worked.”

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And in terms of her style rules, she says she only has one: “I want to be able to survive the evening fairly comfortably…The more comfortable I can be the better, I would wear tuxedos all the time, I wore a tux last time, I wear tuxedos whenever I can.”

George Pimentel/WireImage

And in terms of the sensuality with which she dresses and that has become her acting signature, she chocks it up to being a “good listener,” adding “I remember the first times that I was asked to pose for Playboy, I kept looking [at the magazine] and trying to understand. Every year they would ask multiple times and I thought what is it…why do these women when they’re photographed and put in Playboy lose their personalities? And I never completely solved that.”

She was also asked about her last fashion disaster to which she quipped, “Maybe I don’t know what a disaster is.”

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