The actress has a high-fashion role with Marc Jacobs

By Sarah Kinonen
June 28, 2016 07:14 PM

Courtesy Marc Jacobs


Susan Sarandon, 69, is fronting yet another major ad campaign (after kicking things off with L’Oréal Paris last year). And continuing her trend of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the star is flaunting her famous cleavage again — and somewhere, Piers Morgan is weeping into his keyboard.

Jacobs has been Instagramming the stars in his David Sims-shot fall/winter 2016 campaign ads (including Kendall Jenner and Missy Elliott), along with lengthy explanations of why he chose this particular group of muses. Sarandon, who poses in in a low-cut, embellished gown and gloves, is given credit for helping a teenage Jacobs get in touch with his creative side thanks to movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“It was in my early days at Perry Ellis when I first had the privilege of meeting Susan,” he wrote. “Her intelligence, courage, strength, conviction and ballsiness has always been so admirable to me. There’s an inherent seductive quality in Susan as a woman who always speaks her mind and an artist who takes risks. Her talent as an actress is one of extraordinary range, talent and power.”

(Turns out, Morgan more or less agrees — just check out his tweet.)

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Courtesy Marc Jacobs

Sarandon isn’t the only star to front a major campaign this week. Fifteen-year-old Willow Smith is making a major style statement in Chanel’s latest sunglasses ads, where she stars in the black-and-white photos shot by the fashion house’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

In the artsy fall/winter 2016 eyewear campaign, the trendsetter wears a tulle-embellished top from the ready-to-wear collection paired with a playful Chanel-embossed ribbon in her hair. After seeing this gorgeous photo opp, we can’t wait to see what else the label and its latest muse have up their sleeves!

And because every new season brings an inspiring Dove ad, we’ve got another one for you: This powerful video, which features boxing champion Heather Hardy, blogger Jessica Torres and more women taking control of their appearance and achievements (and clearing up once and for all that catcalling is not a compliment), with the tag #MyBodyMySay.

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–Sarah Kinonen