Ageless Beauty! Susan Lucci, 70, Reveals the Secret Behind Her Amazing Skin

The Queen of Daytime's skin care secrets involve proper care and good genes

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Despite her decades-long status as the Queen of Daytime, it’s hard to believe Susan Lucci is 70.

What’s the secret to her Fountain of Youth-esque essence?

“A lot of it is you just take care,” Lucci told PEOPLE at the T.J. Martell Foundation Women of Influence luncheon in New York City where she was honored on Friday. “I was very lucky both of my parents had really nice skin. My mother still does, she looks fantastic. My dad passed away that’s why I say my mother has beautiful skin.”

While the All My Children icon admitted that a lot of her aesthetic is a credit to her good genes, she advises others to pay attention to what your body and your face are telling you.

“Take care of [your skin] every day,” she said. “If your skin looks okay today and you take care of it, there’s a good chance it’s going to look good tomorrow.”

Lucci is one of several age-defying celebs in the spotlight this year, like Feud star Susan Sarandon, 70, and Snatched star Goldie Hawn. How does she feel about seeing ladies of a certain age in the spotlight? And is 70 the new 40?

“I think it’s fabulous and I think it’s true,” Lucci said. “I can’t wait to see Snatched. I love them both, Goldie and Amy [Schumer] so I can’t wait to see it.”

The actress has yet to cross paths with Hawn, but she said she loves Hawn’s relationship with her 34-year-long romance with Kurt Russell.

“I’m very happy to see her have such a great and long relationship with Kurt Russell,” Lucci said. “I think we all cheer for couples who just seem right together and go the distance.”

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The Dancing with the Stars alum knows something about long-term love herself — this year marks her 48th anniversary with husband Helmut Huber.

“I got lucky,” Lucci said when asked about the secret to her long and happy marriage. “I married young, I had an instinct that this man was going to really wear well and he has. For me, this is what worked. I always admired Helmut because he was A, very smart, B, very sure of himself and very, very funny and so that combination of things. My husband is European, he’s Austrian and so to my young eyes he was very worldly and experienced, there’s 10 years between us. It all turned out to be true. And he still makes me laugh, lucky me.”

She adds: “I think it’s like taking care of your skin. I think you just do a little bit every day. You do something good every day and you remember every day why you fell in love. You don’t lose track of that and tell him.”

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