January 14, 2016 02:30 PM

There’s only a few weeks left before the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover reveal. And since this teaser isn’t enough to quell everyone’s curiosity, we tapped SI supermodel and former cover girl Nina Agdal for details on the coveted issue during a recent interview.

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“There’s so many things to be excited for,” Agdal told PeopleStyle at the Vimmia activewear event in N.Y.C. “I’m not allowed to say anything, but it’s definitely going to be one of the best and most classic issues you’ve seen in a long time.”

When asked to elaborate, Agdal, 23, said that even her placement in the glossy is a secret. “I can’t even tell you if I’m in it,” she shared.

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But what the supermodel can reveal is how she preps for the special issue every year. (Hint: It involves a lot of cardio.)

“I definitely up my routine a little more [in preparation of the shoot],” she said. “I usually work out around six times a week, but if I have the Swimsuit issue, I’ll work out seven times a week.” Her favorites? “A bunch of variations. I love Tone House, I love SLT, I love yoga and I have my trainer, Andy Speer.”

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And during those seven-times-a-week workouts, which Agdal said she tunes out with the help of blasting house music (she loves hits by Calvin Harris and Diplo), the supermodel says she relies on pieces by Vimmia for comfort and quality.

“Vimmia is my new favorite thing. I absolutely love the fabric. I do a lot of high-intensity workouts, so the clothing is perfect for that,” she confessed. “The fabric is high quality and helps keep your muscles warm or cold, depending on what you need. I love that. It’s very high-performance, for sure.”

The star also revealed that her workout wardrobe hasn’t always been filled with high-quality pieces. If you remember correctly, Agdal once shared a spandex situation gone wrong on her Instagram, and we couldn’t help but relive the unfortunate-yet-hilarious experience with the star.

“I have a previous pair of leggings — NOT Vimmia! — and they cracked in the middle, [leaving] a hole in the middle of my butt,” she shared, laughing. “The funny thing is I was doing a squat class, it was butt and legs day, and I was squatting a hundred times in front of everyone. No one said anything. After 45 minutes, my friend gets there and he’s like, ‘There’s a hole in your pants…’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?!,’ and I look and [the hole] is the size of a hand.”

Instead of drawing attention to the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, Agdal says she played it cool and now laughs about the hole-y experience.

“I think you have to,” she admitted. “When something like that happens, you just have to laugh at it. You can’t take yourself too seriously with anything.”

Have you ever suffered from a wardrobe malfunction? Share your story below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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