By Angela
Updated June 14, 2007 03:07 PM


Low-maintenance bare nails are in for summer (seen recently on the likes of Selma Blair), but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your digits completely. To keep your nails looking good, polished or not, we’re loving portable treatments like Honest to Goodness Cuticle Cream, $8, and Essie’s Cuticle Pen, $12. The tiny tin of Honest to Goodness Cuticle Cream is packed with ingredients like jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax to soften ragged edges. Essie’s mess-proof Cuticle Pen soothes and protects with super-hydrating apricot oil and shea butter. Just remember to use them every day to keep nails looking good — especially after a day at the pool or the beach. Tell us: What do you do to keep your cuticles in good shape?