By StyleWatch
Updated December 08, 2020 02:33 PM

I hate coming home from the beach with a tan everywhere except my face! Since I always get burned, I lather on the SPF and keep my face completely covered from the sun. Recently, I discovered Aqua Tan, a light weight self-tanner made specifically for the face with green tea extracts and age-defying vitamins. Unlike other self-tanners, there are no messy bronzers, stickiness or odors. Aqua Tan comes in a clear and refreshing spray mist. After exfoliating, I applied a dab to my nose, cheeks and forehead (where the sun should have hit) and in about fifteen minutes I could already see some results. Aqua Tan brought out a natural- no streak- sun-kissed look to where I would have normally gotten burnt. My face was finally the same color as the rest of me and the tan lasted until my next beach trip! Get a tube of Aqua Tan at, $45, use sparingly and should last you the whole summer!- Andrea DeSimone