The star is spilling all about her beauty routine, what it's like to be the face of Burberry and more!

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated September 29, 2015 02:30 PM

Suki Waterhouse may be used to going glam on set, but off duty, she’s totally low maintenance (and down-to-earth). We recently sat down with the supermodel to chat about all things beauty and Burberry, and discovered she’s as genuine as we imagined she’d be. Below, find out all about her must-have, can’t-leave-the-house-without products, how she feels about going barefaced in a camera-crazy world and more.

Suki Waterhouse Burberry at Sephora

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For someone who’s always on the go (she’s a front-row regular and her acting career is just kicking off), Waterhouse has grown accustomed to minimizing her carry-on items to only include her ultimate must-have beauty products (in TSA-approved sizes, of course).

“I have some stuff that my facialist in L.A. gives me that, if I break out [it helps reduce it], and is clinical, which has retinol, vitamin C serum, salicylic cleanser, if I need something stronger,” she told People at the Burberry Beauty launch event at Sephora in N.Y.C. “I always carry HealGel, which my dad made actually. It’s like a de-reddening and smoothing [product], but it’s really to correct redness because sometimes with traveling you’ll get little bits of red. I always have Crème de la Mer and I always have a big pot of coconut oil and raw honey that I’ll get localized wherever I am, and I put raw honey on my face.”

In fact, the supermodel swears by her beloved natural beauty products.

“I’ll put coconut oil on and steam it, and I’ll take the honey off,” she said.”I like to go to sleep with coconut oil on my hair, and if I don’t have to do anything I’ll leave it on for two days sometimes. I need that sometimes.”

Sometimes, however, she’ll skimp on her usual nighttime routine to create that Charlotte Tilbury-loved “I just woke up like this” smudged liner.

“I’ll wash my skin, but I always leave all the eye makeup on,” Waterhouse told People. “I quite like that disheveled look the next day. You know, when you got amazing eye makeup done and you just leave it for the next day? I love it, you can make it last for a few days. I never wash my eyes off.”

Which is probably why the 23-year-old star’s first-ever beauty purchase was black eyeliner. “It was probably concealer to cover up the spots and that sort of stuff going about your skin,” she admitted, laughing out loud. “Oh, and big black eyeliner — I tried to do the sort of gothic thing.”

And as the face of Burberry Beauty, she’s collected a plethora of products to try out on and off duty. So of course the star counts some of the brand’s newest offerings as her everyday go-tos.

“I’ve got a couple [favorites], but I love the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, [which] I put on most mornings,” she said. “You can get it in light and tan, so you can either be more tan or you can mix them up. I love that — it’s a little pick me up during the day.”

And the model jokingly admits she won’t leave the house without cleaning up her signature arches with the brand’s Effortless Eyebrow Definer. “I have to have my eyebrows fully brushed up before I go out, otherwise if they’re brushed down, I just look like an old grumpy man.”

Aside from her “grumpy old man” eyebrows, Waterhouse shared that her typical beauty routine is fairly minimal when she’s off duty.

“I really take liberty in those days. I really do,” she told People. “I’ll wash my face, or if I don’t have to do anything, I really don’t mind going outside without makeup, and I think a lot of the time there’s something to be said [about that]. We can look just as good without makeup. But I love those days where I just walk out with nothing.”

When she’s not fronting Burberry’s latest campaign ads, she’s probably strutting it in the label’s runway shows. Which, she said, is an experience as nerve-racking as you’d imagine it to be. “I’m just trying not to get run over by all the tall girls when I close the Burberry show because I’m at the front,” she said. “I always think that the girls are all so tall compared to me, and I’m going to get run over! They’re faster than me, and I’m going to get trampled!”

Do you use any of Suki’s favorite products? Have you ever tried Burberry Beauty? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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