How a $2,890 Burberry Handbag Became the Unexpected Breakout Star of the 'Succession' Premiere

You can also shop the "ludicrously capacious" bag for yourself

succession burberry bag
Photo: HBO; Nordstrom

If there's one thing you should never do at a fancy party, it's bring the wrong accessories.

On the season 4 premiere of Succession on Sunday, new face Bridget (Francesca Root-Dodson) made exactly that mistake (among many others).

Bridget tags along with Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) as his date for a high-class get-together in honor of Logan Roy's (Brian Cox) birthday — and everyone in attendance immediately clocks her as an outsider. One of her biggest tells? A large Burberry handbag.

Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) not-so-subtly tells Greg how badly Bridget sticks out, pointing directly to her "gargantuan" bag. Not only does he call it "ludicrously capacious" and "monstrous" but he even asks his young friend if he thinks Bridget has her flat shoes stashed inside for her subway ride home or perhaps her lunch pail from work.

In short, the bag is tacky within the context of the billionaire elite circle the Roys roll with.

succession burberry bag

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The purse in question is the $2,890 Burberry Medium Title Vintage Check Two-Handle Bag, which is a fairly large bag with Burberry's iconic print. Because of the size of both the bag and the print, it's hard to miss from across a room. (Bridget's fate at the party was sealed when she asked Logan for a selfie and she was promptly asked to leave.)

Social media has been quick to discuss the Burberry bag, even suggesting that Bridget's entire look was intentional, down to her Sandro dress. Both pieces would feel expensive for the upper middle class but tacky for the upper crust who don't dabble in trendy, logo-heavy fashions.

Tom's description of such a heinous accessory has also been the talk of social media — with "ludicrously capacious" becoming a go-to catchphrase for all manner of things you can't possibly associate yourself with. Thus, the star of the episode was born.

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