Stylist Ted Gibson's Fall Hair Dos and Don'ts

The stylist says mid-length hair is in ... and dip-dying is still hot, for now

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On What Not to Wear, Ted Gibson helps women transform through new haircuts and colors. And now, the hair stylist — who’s worked with Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana, and is currently styling Ashley Greene on her
Breaking Dawn
press tour — is teaming with Slim-Fast, encouraging women to find their “wow” moments by striving to look and feel their best.

“I think that hair plays a huge part in the ‘wow’ moment,” Gibson tells PEOPLE. “If women are in the process of losing a significant amount of weight — anywhere from five to 25 pounds — more than likely, their hair is going to change, whether it’s in color or length.”

Since Gibson is in the business of helping women “bring out that most beautiful self,” as he says, the pro offers up his dos and don’ts for fall hair.

–Darken your do. “I always say women should change their color at least twice a year,” he says. “During the spring and summer make it lighter, and in the fall, change it to darker tones.”

–Go short … but not too short. “I think shorter hair is great,” Gibson says, “but mid-length hair is really sexy right now.”

–Try the new ombré. “We’re taking ombré to a new level,” Gibson explains. “It’s not necessarily brown with highlighted ends — it can be brown with pink, brown with a little beige on the ends, brown with blue.” To that end, the stylist suggests dip-dying — “as long as it’s age appropriate,” he warns — or adding colored extensions to hair for a temporary fix.

–Let age define your look. “I say break the rules — just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t mean you need to have shorter hair,” Gibson says. But maintain that hair health: get a haircut every four to six weeks and use a deep conditioner on a regular basis.

–Allow static to cause a bad hair day. “Static electricity is a huge issue in the fall and winter,” he says. “I have a product called Hairsheet, which helps to calm flyaways and has a UV absorber in it, also.” In addition, he recommends “genius” dry shampoo from TRESemmé.

Tell us: How are you styling your hair this fall?

–Kate Hogan


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