September 07, 2016 09:32 AM

Have you met Monica Rose? It’s time to get to know this stylist a little better! By now, she’s become one of the most sought-out celebrity stylists in L.A. thanks to a client roster that includes some of the ubiquitous and influential stars in Hollywood — i.e. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and more — who all trust and rely on her for Rose’s signature brand of sexy, cool looks.

Now she’s telling us exactly how she does it. In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Rose, 35, takes us inside her Los Angeles studio and gives us the scoop on her career and her clientele. “I could never have imagined this life in a million years,” she tells PeopleStyle.

So what are the tricks she uses for her clients’ style? Watch the video above for her dish on some of her favorite looks ever. Some of the highlights are below.


The daring look: The sheer lace Balmain catsuit Kylie Jenner wore to her birthday party in August stood out as one of her boldest looks ever. “It was her 19th birthday,” she explains. “It was just a club, and she wanted to be fun and sexy.”

Her style mantra for Kylie: “Kylie definitely likes form-fitted stuff but she’s definitely one that loves to take risks,” says Rose. “She loves to wear a lot of streetwear brands and mix it in with high-end fashion. She’s pretty open.”


The daring look: This bralette over a T-shirt was “very ’90s.” “I grew up in the 90s as a teenager so I feel like I always have a 90s aesthetic,” Rose says. “The bralette was just so pretty, and I felt like, why not show it over the t-shirt and show how pretty it actually is? I just think she looks so cool and effortless.”

Her style approach for Kendall: “What I love most about Kendall is she takes fashion risks. She’s open to trying new and different ideas. She surprises me sometimes,” reveals Rose. “She loves to push the envelope and wear things that I didn’t necessarily think she would. I love it. I’m so open. She just always has such a cool vibe. For her, she just exudes coolness. She’s just so cool. So we have a lot of fun. We have fun in our fittings.”


The daring look: The nude Balmain skirt, top and bodysuit was actually toned down from the original totally sheer look. Says Rose, “I thought since it was for Ellen and since it was daytime, we had to add a slip on it and not make it so sexy, so ‘night.'”

Her style mantra for Khloe: When it comes to Khloe’s current style, it’s all about body-con. “I’ve worked with Khloe now for nine years and I’ve seen her go through so many different [phases],” says Rose. “She’s worked so hard to get to where she is with her body. I just want to put her in everything tight. I just want to show how hard she’s worked for that body, good for her! Every single time we’re in a fitting I have to have my seamstress with me to measure her waist because she’s losing so much weight. She’s so into this ‘revenge’ body. She’s just amazing.”


The daring look:  “I love this look so much,” says Rose of Hadid in David Koma at the Guys Choice Awards. “I lined the dress so it kind of gave the illusion of it being see through, but it’s not. And we shortened it, because I definitely wanted to show her sexy long legs… it was a fun look. she felt good, she looked good.”

Her style mantra for Gigi: “I’ve noticed Gigi’s style change,” says Rose. “She’s so confident and I think that’s so inspiring to see. What I love most about Gigi is she knows exactly what she wants, and that helps me. Sometimes she even pushes me. We both bounce ideas off of each other. I love her confidence and how fun and easygoing she is. She just has such great energy. She’s just perfect.”


The daring look:  The plunging Sergio Hudson white dress worn to a GQ event in June “is by far one of my favorite looks on Chrissy,” says Rose. “This is post-baby! How amazing does she look?”

Her style mantra: Fit is always important, but when dressing a new mom, it’s paramount. “She just looks amazing. We’re working with her new curves and her new body,” says Rose. “We always have to tailor everything. We tailor everything to perfection.”

Tell us: Are you a fan of Monica Rose’s clients are their daring style? 

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