The Sweet Baby Jamie capsule is the first launch from RTR's new tastemaker line, which partners with the industry's leading style stars on exclusive collections

By katieintner9
November 07, 2019 11:19 AM
Rent The Runway

Celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi is the mastermind behind some of Hollywood’s most iconic looks as seen on her famous clients including Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Kate Upton and Jessica Alba — just to name a few. She’s also responsible for the resurgence of Juicy Couture on the red carpet (Mizrahi is the brand’s Creative Director). Now, she’s brining her trendy-meets-functional style to the masses with a new winter-ready collection.

Mizrahi, whose close friends include Kate Hudson, the Foster sisters and Ashley Benson, has teamed up with the clothing rental subscription brand, Rent the Runway, to create the Sweet Baby Jamie capsule (named after her Instagram handle). Featuring festive blouses in green and red hues and whimsical dresses and outerwear (think zebra and plaid print), the collection pulls inspiration from Mizrahi’s everyday fashion, but with a holiday twist.

Rent The Runway

“I am a huge supporter and user of Rent the Runway,” Mizrahi tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I love Rent the Runway for its ability to have a constantly evolving closet while saving money and not being wasteful!”

Before jumping to Rent the Runway to start shopping the collection, read below for more from Mizrahi on her exciting new collaboration.

What are you three favorite pieces in the collection and how would you style them?
“The black pleated pants, the black bell sleeve turtleneck sweater, and the gingham plaid double breasted coat. I’d wear them all together — then also wear the pants with any and all tops, the bell sleeve sweater with midi skirts and over dresses, and the plaid double-breasted coat is a staple in my fall wardrobe to wear over everything in my closet!”

Rent The Runway

What was the most challenging part of the project? What was the most rewarding?

“The most challenging part was narrowing it down to 18 styles! The most rewarding is seeing the pieces come to life. I can’t wait to see everyone wear them and see the different ways they are styled.”

Where do you seek style inspiration from? How do your friends inspire your style?
“Honestly, from all different places — architecture, art, my travels, women of the past, women I see on the street, my friends. All of my friends have very different, specific aesthetics and it’s fun to be able to pull inspiration from all of them.”

RTR is all about trying new trends and recycling clothes — do you keep a tight edit on your closet? Would you consider yourself a hypebeast about trends or are you more about investing in the classics?
“I’m definitely someone who invests in the classics. I don’t dress according to trends. I wear things that work for me, with my aesthetic and I advise my clients to do the same. Be true to who they are. I keep things in my closet that I feel comfortable wearing over and over. I keep special pieces in storage for when I want to wear them, but I’m someone who’s happy to wear the same sweater four times a week with different bottoms.”

Rent The Runway

If you could raid anyone of your clients’ closets, who would you choose?
“I’ve turned into somewhat of a minimalist. I’m pretty happy with the pieces I have and at this point in my life and career, know what I like and what I don’t like.”

What’s the most meaningful thing in your closet? What’s your oldest piece?
“The most meaningful thing in my closet is my jewelry, my engagement ring, jewels from my mother and grandmother. The oldest piece is definitely jewelry that’s been handed down.”

What’s one trend you won’t wear no matter how popular it becomes?
“Teeny tiny sunglasses. I’m a Ray Ban wayfarer girl through and through!”

What’s topping your holiday wish list this year?
“Always antique jewelry…”