Editors' Picks: Our Fantasy Desk Sweaters

The PeopleStyle team is shivering through another summer with the office AC cranked to 11. So here are the coziest pieces we can only dream about having draped over our chair

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The Elder Statesman Cardigan


Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director: At the moment, I'm wearing an oversize printed American Eagle poncho-blanket that I keep draped over my chair. It does a great job at fending off the hurricane-force winds of the office AC, but it's not exactly the chicest garment to wear around the office or in meetings. What it: this double-breasted cashmere-blend ivory cardigan. I imagine wearing it feels like getting a very warm (and at $1295, very expensive) hug.
Buy It! The Elder Statesman Cardigan, $1295; net-a-porter.com

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Courtesy Calvin Klein

Catherine Kast, Style Editor: I love wearing blousy tops at work, so it's imperative that my cover-up has a detail that can cut the volume. This quilted 3/4 sleeve coat ties at the waist, so it adds a little meeting-appropriate polish while still being cozy.
Buy It! & Other Stories Quilted Cotton Jacket, $125; stories.com

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Sarah Ball, Fashion Market Editor: Our office is freezing during the summer due to the blasting air conditioning and I absolutely hate being cold. The answer: an embroidered bomber jacket of course! I like that it's embroidered, so if it doesn't completely match what I'm wearing one day it looks like it's on purpose — and a bomber always looks cute with heels (regardless of what you're wearing) for impromptu post-work plans!
Buy It! Topshop Bomber Jacket, $130; us.topshop.com

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Brittany Talarico, Style News Editor: Okay, in reality, I won't be purchasing this Yeezy Sweater considering the lofty price tag, but it would be a total dream to swaddle myself in the destroyed wool design. Not only does it go with basically everything, but I would definitely feel KarJenner adjacent in the topper, considering both Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner wore a similar style in white to the Yeezy Season 3 show.

Buy It Now! Yeezy Destroyed Wool Sweater, $1,633; mytheresa.com

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Sarah Kinonen, Style & Beauty Editorial Assistant: When office temps drop too low, my go-to, keep-warm cover-up is a rather worn gray shawl from Target. Functional? Yes Stylish? Not so much. Which is why I'm upgrading my cubicle coatigan collection with this oversize, mustard-hued cardigan from Mango. It's cute, cozy and just fashionable enough that I can easily get away with wearing it to meetings without giving off a Grandma vibe.
Buy It! Mango Side Pockets Cardigan, $39.99; mango.com

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Jillian Ruffo, Associate Beauty Editor: When it comes to my office tundra attire, the cozier the better – but since I can't quite get away with draping a throw blanket over my body all day, I'm trading my not-so-comfortable denim jacket for the oversized sweater of my dreams.

Buy It! Zara Knit Poncho, $29.99; zara.com

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Alex Apatoff, Deputy Style Director: Office A.C. is the enemy of all happiness. If it were at all socially acceptable, I'd zip myself into what is essentially a sleeping bag with legs and not come out until they start cranking the heat in November.

Buy It! Eddie Bauer Women's Peak Xv down suit, $1,124; eddiebauer.com

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Lindy Segal, Style Social Editor: This isn't your college hoodie, people. I mean look at it — doesn't it just look like a cozy cocoon of cashmere? And although it's definitely on the pricey side, if I keep it at my desk and wear it every day, the CPW (cost per wear) hovers somwhere around zero. (Shhhh just trust me on this one.)

Buy it! Club Monaco cashmere hoodie, $319; clubmonaco.com

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Emily Kirkpatrick, Associate Style News Editor: An office-turned-tundra setting is the perfect opportunity to bust out all those highly covetable couture fall fashions we're seeing come down the runway right now. When it comes to dream office sweaters, I say the bigger, the pricier, the better. Not only will this Vetements couture collaboration with Canada Goose keep me cozy and my inner-hypebeast appeased, but the drop shoulders and suspender belt closure will ensure my seasonally appropos ensemble underneath will shine through. I call that a win-win.

Buy It! You can't. Yet. All you can do is pray that the couture gods smile upon you and your sad office chair made of ice.

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