Steve Harvey's embracing his natural scruff and rocking a new bold beard

By Kaitlyn Frey
December 10, 2018 01:03 PM
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Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Steve Harvey ditched the hair dye once and for all.

The television host and personality, 61, showed off his grown-in gray beard and mustache during a recent appearance on Ellen where he opened up about his new scruff.

“You’re looking good! Look at you, you changed your whole look. Was it in purpose?” Ellen Degeneres said to the star.

Harvey replied, “Kinda like that. I was on vacation and I actually left my Just For Men [hair dye] at home ’cause I had been dyeing my mustache, you know, black. So I was on vacation so I didn’t dye it and the rest of it started growing in.”

“The next thing I knew, I went, ‘Damn!'” Harvey jokingly said. “This is either going to be sexy or I’m ugly as hell!”

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But thankfully, Harvey’s new look got his wife Marjorie Harvey’s stamp of approval. “My wife told me to keep it though,” he said.

Ethan Miller/Getty

“Does anyone not like it? It looks great!” Degeneres asked.

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With a laugh, Harvey replied, “You know, there’s some haters. Haters always, Instagram they just stay on there. I don’t know what they do. They don’t like nothin’!”

“One dude said ‘You look old,'” Harvey continued. “I said, ‘Wait a minute. I’ve been living more than half a century, plus a decade, plus two more damn years. Dawg, I am old!'”