September 12, 2018 01:05 PM

Things got a little hairy on the Late Show on Tuesday night.

When Jeopardy! recently returned for its 36th season, host Alex Trebek was sporting a new look — and don’t think Stephen Colbert hasn’t noticed.

“Hey, anybody here watch Jeopardy!? I love it,” Colbert, 54, said on his show. “It’s the only place outside of Crate & Barrel where you can hear somebody say: ‘I’ll take potpourri for $200.’ “

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After remarking that 78-year-old Trebek’s new facial hair is “very cute,” the late-night host admitted he’s got “beef with the beard.”

“Look at this. Look!” he said, comparing side-by-sides of their faces. “He’s just sporting a cheap Canadian knockoff of the Col-beard. I have not been this angry at a game show host since Bob Barker tried to have me spayed or neutered.”

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And there’s only one way to settle this, according to Colbert.

“I’ve got a message for Trebek: Step off, Beardy-come-lately,” he warned. “There cannot be two Col-beards. There can barely be one. Still hoping this side fills in before Christmas.”

His offer?

“You and me, on my show, trivia face-off,” he offered. “Loser shaves.”

Your move, Trebek!

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