Enjoy this retrospective of Nora's tiny sweaters
Credit: Touchstone Pictures/Everett Collection

Step Up is a tale as old as time: He was a trouble-making guy from the other side of town, she was a star dancing student at a performing arts school, together they mixed his amateur break dancing skills and her contemporary style into the senior showcase of the century. And we, as a people, have a lot to thank for this 2006 film.

Not only has the movie produced one of the best soundtracks ever created and gave us one of the hottest Hollywood marriages we’ll see in our lifetime (that would be co-stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum), it’s arguably the best outfitted dance film in movie history (sorry, Flashdance).

Between the intense leg warmers and the 24/7 yoga pants, Nora Clark (Dewan) perfected the ultimate dancer’s uniform thanks to her wardrobe of tiny sweaters, handkerchief-hem skirts and stretchy layers. So in honor of the film’s 10 year anniversary, we’re admiring her perfect outfits and other glorious moments from the movie (which definitely includes Tatum’s dance moves).

One reason her style is mid-aughts iconic is because she upgraded vintage leg warmers into ultra-cool “arm warmers” with her love of the tiny sweater.

Credit: Touchstone Pictures/Everett Collection

Step Up 2006

Credit: Touchstone Pictures/Everett Collection

While most dancers were clad in ultra-short Soffe shorts, Nora upgraded hers by pairing tights underneath her short shorts. Plus, she was wearing crop tops before they were cool.

Credit: Touchstone Pictures/Everett Collection

But she became a true style star when she made apron-like skirts seem totally acceptable to wear in and out of the studio.

Credit: Phillip Caruso/Buena Vista Pictures
Credit: Touchstone Pictures/Everett Collection

But we can’t properly honor the film if we didn’t revisit some of the movies other critical moments….

… like the debut of Tatum’s sexy break dancing moves.


The finale performance lift, that comes in a tight second to that famous Dirty Dancing one.


And the soundtrack, which is the definition of a pump-up mix.

But if all this nostalgia has gotten the best of you, the good news is Channing and Jenna are still the sexiest dancing duo in Hollywood.


Are you going to watch Step Up tonight in honor of the anniversary? What are your famous scenes from the movie! Share below.