November 27, 2015 10:00 PM

Thanksgiving has now come and gone, but the ghost of those ten slices of pie you ate last night aren’t going anywhere. Now that you’ve indulged in all of those amazingly delicious, fatty foods, it’s time for your body to pay the price in the form of a little post-holiday bloat. But this year, instead of trying to squeeze yourself back into your favorite pair of skinny jeans, take some fashion cues from these pregnant celebs and learn how to mask that mashed potato-induced gut in style.

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Let’s start with the basics: outerwear is a girl’s best friend. As the Duchess of Cambridge regularly proved when pregnant with her second child, a sized-up peacoat in a neon bright color is so effective at masking your baby (read: food) bump that most people wouldn’t even guess you’re expecting…to buy a bigger pair of pants very soon. Ciara was also a fan of the big jacket trick while pregnant, but added an extra optical illusion by wearing a shirt and pants to match. Plus, as we all know, a pinstripe will always be remarkably slimming. And if anyone questions your sudden penchant for extra large apparel, just give them a haughty look and explain that you’re simply rocking this season’s menswear trend.

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Unfortunately, even if you live in the midst of an arctic tundra, at some point you’ll eventually have to take off your coat. But luckily, January Jones and Beyoncé are here to show you that your jacket is just the start of the myriad of ways to hide extra, unwanted pounds. Large, draped dresses are obviously a go-to silhouette. In fact, the closer you look to being swaddled in a blanket, the better. When Beyoncé was pregnant with Blue she was so good at masking her bump, she sparked rumors that she wasn’t even carrying at all. If you feel like people are starting to catch on to your caftan trick, toss on a belt and cinch it at your high waist,  à la January, to create a faux empire waistline that gives shape without revealing your real shape.


Considering Kim Kardashian’s typical pregnancy style consists of a whole lot of skintight latex and belly-baring lace jumpsuits, the reality star doesn’t exactly seem like the first person you’d turn to for fashion advice. But believe it or not, there are still some hacks you can learn from this bandage dress-loving lady. For example, in the outfit above, Kim’s dress may be form-fitting, but by pairing it with a long, flowing scarf and trench coat, she’s able to create movement in her look that distracts from what’s happening underneath. Of course, in your tryptophan-fueled hangover, you probably can’t be bothered with putting on sweatpants let alone a whole chic ensemble, so take the easy route out like Chrissy Teigen and just toss a men’s flannel over everything and call it a day.

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Olivia Wilde used a classic slimming technique on the red carpet when 9-months pregnant, masking her belly in an all-black column dress that kept eyes focused on her face and toned arms. You always knew black was a magical color, but the holiday season is when black proves it’s truly your BFF. Blake Lively’s look, on the other hand, may seem like it would put your swollen stomach on display, but trust me, when you’re flaunting that much cleavage, your food baby will be the last thing on  anyone’s mind.

Which celebrity do you think has the best maternity style? Which looks would you steal for your own wardrobe? How do you cope with Thanksgiving Day bloat?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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