Stassi Schroeder Invented National #OOTD Day So You Can 'Put Your Best Outfit Forward'

The Vanderpump Rules star invented a holiday that's all about self-love – and fashion

Stassi Schroeder is the queen of #OOTD (a.k.a. outfit of the day). She even has her signature pose — a cross-legged mirror selfie — on lock. “I found my pose and I stick with it,” the Vanderpump Rules star tells PeopleStyle.

Now, Schroeder, 30, is taking her favorite activity — sharing her everyday looks — nationwide, and she wants everyone to participate. Schroeder hereby decrees that June 30th will be the first-ever National #OOTD Day.

“Honestly it was my boyfriend’s idea. I’m always taking my OOTDs and he was just like, ‘make this a national holiday,'” says Schroeder. “They have like a National Holiday for Lamps, and no one thought of doing one for OOTDs?”

In order for Schroeder’s national holiday to be officially recognized, she had to take the necessary steps: petitioning, paying a fee and even creating a website for the holiday. “It was quite a process. I had to have a mission statement and what I wanted to do with it,” the star explains.

Schroeder posted the announcement on Instagram, posing next to her official declaration, captioned “Holy Sh–! I founded a freaking National Holiday National Holiday (👑 Official Proclamation Above). You know I love my #OOTDs and now I want to see all of y’alls. June 30th is hereby #nationalOOTDday – I want everyone to celebrate their individuality and be proud of their unique style!”

And although on the surface the day may seem to be all about the fashion, but she has a bigger goal in mind for the holiday.

“I want to encourage self-love, because when I do an OOTD that’s my way of making me feel good about myself,” says Schroeder. “Whether you have 100 followers or 100,00 followers, when you post something, you go look and see how many likes you have, if your friends commented, if they said you looked pretty or liked your outfit. It’s kind of the way we feel good about ourselves.”

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Self-confidence is at the forefront of Schroeder’s message and she just wants people who participate in the day to truly feel good about themselves. “I just wanted a day where we all come together where everyone puts their best outfit forward and love themselves,” says Schroeder. “When you look good, you feel your most confident.”

So what are Schroeder’s tips for taking the perfect outfit snap? First, “Wear what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.” She also recommends highlighting your best assets but adding a little twist to up your confidence level even more. For example, “If you have good legs, go with shorts and a nice blouse, then tweak it in different ways.”

So what would the star be wearing in her dream OOTD? All Chanel, all day. “It would be very ladylike. I feel my best when I’m dressed like a lady,” says Schroeder. Still, she says she hasn’t yet decided what she’s wearing come June 30. “Ugh, it’s stressing me out. I have some options but I’m still deciding and shopping,” she admits.

She may not have the outfit, but she does have plans for the big day. “Oh, I’m throwing a big party on the 30th,” Schroeder says. And yes, all of her fellow Vanderpump Rules co-stars will be there celebrating the inaugural holiday with her in style.

Follow @stassischroeder and @nationalootdday for all the outfit inspo you need, and use #nationalootdday to share your look on June 30.

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