The celebrity superstylist gives us tips on how to make our closet look as good as hers

By Alex Apatoff
Updated September 24, 2013 02:00 PM

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Hollywood superstylist Nicole Chavez (with clients including Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell) is used to analyzing star closets with one quick glance. But she doesn’t often have the tables turned on her.

So when T.J. Maxx offered to send their “closetologist,” Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, to size up Chavez’s clothing and diagnose her closet personality, Chavez jumped at the chance. After a few key questions (and some seriously drool-inducing clothing close-ups) Dr. B proclaimed Chavez a “showstopper.”

And did Chavez agree with that statement? “She was dead on! I gravitate towards those statement pieces, and as you can see from my closet I love to showcase them as though they are art pieces at a gallery,” Chavez tells us — though she did admit to having a bit of a closet multiple personality disorder. Of the six distinct “style personas” Dr. B has ID’ed, the stylist says she’s also a “Free-Styler” and “Systematic Stylist” (especially when on the clock!)

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We confessed to Chavez that we want whatever style personality gets our closet to look as amazingly organized as hers, so she shared her go-to tip. “Before I go shopping I always make sure that I take anything out of my closet that I haven’t worn in over a year or that doesn’t fit any longer,” she says.

Our next question: How does she keep make sure she’s only finding the best stuff when she goes bargain-hunting at megastores like T.J. Maxx? “I recommend going in with an open mind,” she advises. “Don’t rely on just the displays. You have to go through the racks. Designer items are interspersed throughout the store so make sure to check all departments to score a great purchase.”

For those of you without a Chavez to take you shopping this fall (why is life so unfair?) she shares one more tip: Spend your money on leather pieces, like pants or a great handbag, which are “always worth the investment,” she says. Then get more fun, trendy stuff for a song, since you may only wear it one season.

Sounds like Chavez could give Dr. B a run for her money! To figure out your style personality, take out T.J. Maxx’s quiz here, then tell us about it in the comments!