Miley Cyrus and Emma Stone have their own unique takes on the trend

By Alex Apatoff
Updated October 24, 2016 01:02 PM
Emma Stone/Instagram

Who would have thought that the humble pussybow blouse — a staple of 1800s Victorian dressing, 1960s secretarial attire and 1980s power-lady dressing — would end up playing such a pivotal role in the 2016 election? Ever since Donald Trump’s tape (you know the one) was released, the top has taken center stage, starting with his wife Melania wearing a pussybow blouse to the second and third debates and continuing on from there. Princess Kate wore a dress featuring the distinctive neck tie, and now Hillary Clinton-supporting celebs have taken the concept and make it their own.

Emma Stone appeared at the Middleburg Film Festival in Virginia, a battleground state, carrying a clutch festooned with a Hillary Clinton campaign pin and a top accented with an enormous apricot bow. And yes, that bow is a fashion statement in support of the presidential candidate: “Emma and her Don’t Grab My Pussy Bow take Middleburg Film Fest #werewithher” Stone’s longtime hairstylist Mara Roszak wrote on Instagram.

Todd DC / Splash News Online

Miley Cyrus put her own spin on the look, and she made sure you couldn’t miss it: She donned a giant blue bow as a crop top of sorts, then teamed it with a striped sarong skirt, white tights, silver shoes and a pink furry hat. While her top isn’t exactly the most traditional version of the “pussybow bow blouse,” no one every accused Cyrus of subtlety — and clearly she wanted to make her message loud and clear.

What do you think of the stars’ take on the pussybow blouse?