May 16, 2007 07:00 PM

Stars like Charlize Theron, Dita Von Teese and Penelope Cruz took in the Dior fashion show in New York City on Monday night with some pretty atypical runway results. Putting Carmen Electra’s runway slip to shame, models spilled left and right due to the impossibly tricky platform shoes they were given to wear. Even veteran model (and Kid Rock paramour) May Anderson couldn’t walk in the impossible shoes, which had a spiked heel and ball in the front, required for the show. When Anderson went down, a source said, “Her ankle turned twice — I thought she had broken her leg.” Andersen had to be held up by two other girls to walk the finale, while another girl fell twice and John Galliano almost fell as he came out for his bow. There were whispers after the show that members of the audience were nearly in tears it was so upsetting to watch. This is going to make us feel a lot better the next time we can’t walk in our high heels!

Photo:Bryan Bedder/Getty

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