The reality starlet is partnering with John Frieda to raise money for kids

Courtesy John Frieda Hair Care

She was already blonde, but Stacy Keibler recently took her hair even lighter — all in the name of charity.

The starlet (and George Clooney love) partnered with John Frieda and the brand’s new Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray to raise money for HAIRraising, a fundraising initiative that supports the Boston Children’s Hospital.

For every person who visits and watches a video of Keibler going blonder, the company will donate $2 to the organization. “Anything that I can ever to do help children, I’ll do,” Keibler tells PEOPLE. “This is an amazing cause.”

Keibler, who naturally has light hair — “I don’t even know what the color is anymore,” she jokes — loves her new hue. “The spray is so easy to use and totally brightens your hair, so it’s fun for summer,” she says.

To keep her hair healthy, the star uses hair masks (“I do them when I’m in the shower shaving”) and keeps maintenance to a minimum. “I have kind of wavy hair, so I’m lucky,” she says. “It straightens easy but can curl easily, too.”

And though she likes to have fun with hairstyles, she’s not so sure she’ll be chopping or dyeing her locks anytime soon. “I’ve always been pretty consistent with my hair,” she admits, “so I think it’d be fun to try something new — but someday.” Visit to watch Keibler’s video and donate to the cause.

–Kate Hogan