Chrissy Teigen and Irina Shayk lend their famous physiques to the latest "Need for Speed" video game

By Kate Hogan
September 27, 2011 02:30 PM

Courtesy EA Games

Chrissy Teigen is suiting up again — but this time, she’s not slipping into a bikini. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (and designer) is going to get engines revving with a little help from pal Irina Shayk in the upcoming video game Need for Speed: The Run.

“I definitely did not think that swimsuit modeling would lead to anything a video game involved, especially where I’m like fully dressed, which is exciting,” Teigen tells PEOPLE in the clip below. Instead, she spent time in Los Angeles recently, doing a day of motion-capture to create her character.

Teigen and Shayk star as best friends and rival racers in the game, and compete against Jack, Need for Speed‘s protagonist and “man on the run.” The race takes the trio from San Francisco all the way to New York City.

“I’ve never been part of something so grandiose,” Teigen shares. “I can’t wait to see what we’ve done projected onto this entire empire.”

Surprisingly, the model considers herself a video gamer. “I really do enjoy racing games,” she says. “I started getting into racing right around Mario Kart time.” However, Need for Speed requires a bit more energy than steering Mario and his pals. “This one, I am exhausted after I play it.”

So will Teigen’s longtime beau John Legend be fixated on Need for Speed once it hits shelves on Nov. 15? “My boyfriend really hasn’t gotten into racing games,” she admits. “He’s more the Madden-type guy.” But don’t expect Teigen to be playing against him anytime soon. “I have no clue how that game works,” she laughs. “It seems impossible.”[brightcoveplayer 1183506616001]