Sports Illustrated Model Nina Agdal Suffers Gym Wardrobe Malfunction, Spandex Pants Split!

The Sports Illustrated model shows off cheeky snapshot after the incident!

Some might suffer a wardrobe malfunction and lock themselves in a closet for the rest of the day. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Nina Agdal laughs off a split spandex mishap by sharing it with her millions of Instagram fans.

Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal

Courtesy Nina Agdal

“Walked around equinox in the unknown like this for 20 min after a class of lunges and squats ? Shout out to my one and only true friend @skylar_maximillian for telling me. #crackkills,” she captioned the cheeky snapshot.

The model put on a brave face after walking around with her bum bared to all of her fellow Equinox gym-goers and snapped the belfie (a butt selfie, for uninitiated), proving even situations as embarrassing as a, ahem, cheeky display, shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

We’re not sure we’d prefer to see this look outside of the gym (and definitely not on the red carpet either), but we’re all about how Agdal handled it — with a sense of humor.

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Have you ever suffered from a wardrobe malfunction? At the gym? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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