Get ready for an epic rap freestyle


Modeling would most likely be one of the first things on any Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model’s resumé. But for the new roster of 2018 model finalists, they’ve got a whole lot more to offer than a really good smize — and they’re revealing their secret talents in the People Now video above.

First up, Tabria Majors says she’s a pianist and can shuffle cards really well. Haley Kalil, on the other hand, shares that she’s a “huge nerd” and is great at chemistry, while Camille Kostek’s not-so-hidden talent is that she’s a dancer, but her go-to move is not twerking. That’s “basic,” she says.

But for Iyonna Fairbanks, simply saying she’s a great rapper is not enough — so she breaks it down with an impromptu rap session to prove that she definitely has skills.

As for Olivia Jordan, she recently began practicing jujutsu. “I know how to get out of any precarious situation and can probably kick some peoples’ asses,” she laughs. And that’s not all. The model can also lick her elbow — a feat she accomplishes on air.

And last but not least, Allie Ayers shares that she can move her arms from the front of her body to her back, without unclasping her hands. We’ll believe it when we see it.

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