The pop star spoke about her time in the iconic girl group and feeling bloated while filming Spice World

By Emily Kirkpatrick
June 21, 2017 10:25 AM
Credit: JMEnternational/Redferns; Karwai Tang/WireImage

The Spice Girls will forever be one of the greatest girl groups of all time. Like The Supremes, TLC, or Destiny’s Child, these ladies were a musical force to be reckoned with a penchant for girl power and glitter, producing one legendary pop hit after the next. But while they’ve repeatedly teased a reunion over the years, it seems it’s time to finally accept they’ve gone their separate ways, as Geri Halliwell a.k.a. Ginger Spice dropped her first global music release in 12 years on Monday, “Angels in Chains,” written as a tribute to her late friend and musical legend George Michael. And in honor of the single, she did an interview with Billboard, opening up about her years as a Spice Girl, her outlandish fashions, and trying to stay slim while surrounded by donuts.

When discussing her career with the publication, Halliwell reminisced over her look during her Ginger Spice days, saying, “Oh my God, towards the end of the Spice Girls, the time I got Billboard Awards, I was looking like a drag queen … I looked like a man in drag.” She adds, “Do you know what it is? It’s the Elton John effect. You look at Elton John’s career and he always tried to get bigger and bigger and bigger. His glasses were getting bigger — you try to outdo yourself, and I think that’s what happens. You try and up the ante all the time.” Which perhaps explains some of those staggering platform boots and bouffants.

The pop star also opened up about her struggles to stay fit while filming the cinema masterpiece known as Spice World, which is about to reach its twentieth anniversary, explaining, “When you have an idea in your head and then you see it come to life – that was just amazing. But I have to say, I think filming movies are fattening because you have craft services. You’re about to go on camera and you want to look your best, but then there’s a tower of donuts or something. I just remember putting on so much weight filming Spice World. I was so bloated by the end.”

While we get the urge to look your best while on camera, if we were confronted with a literal tower of donuts every day, to quote the Spice Girls, we would “Never Give Up on the Good Times” either.

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