March 24, 2011 06:00 PM

Courtesy Katy Perry

We’ve always loved Katy Perry‘s willingness to take her look to the extreme, whether she’s dressed for a Christmas-themed concert, flashing her crazy nails or going all-out glam for a magazine cover. But her most recent beauty transformation is seriously out of this world. The singer posted photos to her Facebook page Wednesday that flaunt the alien-esque makeup she’s wearing in the video for her latest single, “E.T.” The slow-burning song, which features Kanye West, has lyrics like, “Boy you’re an alien,” and “Lead me into the light,” so it makes sense her look is, well, extraterrestrial: Perry has an ethereal pink glow, and sports dramatically dark lips and piercing turquoise contacts, plus a series of bright braids. The singer also linked to a YouTube page, where curious alien wannabes can learn to imitate the look. The “E.T.” video premieres Thursday, March 31. Tell us: What do you think of Perry’s intergalactic look? –Kate Hogan

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