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May 12, 2015 09:49 PM

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Bravo’s Southern Charm, you know Kathryn Dennis isn’t afraid to go big in the style department. But now that the 23-year-old reality TV star is a mom (she famously raised eyebrows on the show after an unexpected pregnancy with her 52-year-old co-star, Thomas Ravenel), she’s revamping her mini skirt-filled wardrobe into a much more toned-down selection. We sat down with the star to talk about her evolving fashion sense and more!

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“This year, I feel like my wardrobe kind of needed some type of revamp, just given the fact that I’m a new mom,” the star told PEOPLE of advancing her style. “I like statement pieces, and I think that’s what people notice, so I try to put my own little twist on it. I go to a lot of consignment stores and I find a lot of really great stuff there that’s really unique and different, and I think maybe people just don’t see it as often.”

One of the star’s boldest looks from the show involved a fur coat, corset and lots of bedazzling.

“There was one outfit that I wore, and it’s this ’50s dance costume, and it has a pair of shorts with this tunic that zips in front of it so you can see the shorts, and I wore this huge fur coat with it that I got from a consignment store as well,” she said. “It was literally almost to my ankles, and then I wore these bedazzled multicolor crazy shoes [with the costume]. I thought it was the coolest thing, and people were just like, ‘What are you wearing…?’ And I walked up to Craig and he was like, ‘Hey, money bags..’ And I was like, ‘If only you knew this was from a consignment store!'”

While Dennis enjoys experimenting with her clothes, she’s also a fan of classic, wearable pieces that easily transition from season to season.

“My quilted Chanel bag is something I got last year as a present from Thomas, and it’s something I hold very dear to me because they never go out of style, they’re timeless pieces,” she said. “So it’s something I can pass along to Kensie when she’s older.”

Even with such a strong social following, the TV personality looks up to a few of Hollywood’s most stylish celebs for outfit inspiration, like a certain reality-star-turned-supermodel you might have heard of.

“I really love what Kendall Jenner is doing lately,” she shared. “Her style is simple and casual but still very dressy and crafty. I know that she’s younger, but I really do like her fashion.”

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Aside from having fun with her wardrobe (like showing off her newfound love of capes), the TV personality loves switching up her hair hue, and has most recently jumped on the blonde bandwagon, joining stars like Hilary Duff and Julianne Hough. (Dennis shared her freshly dyed do in a recent snapshot on her Instagram.) But the switch-up is nothing new for the star. She’s known for changing up her hair and makeup in just about every other episode — and just like her sense of style, her hair and makeup moments are usually on the extravagant side.

“Whenever we were filming it’s so much easier to just throw my hair in a bun and put on workout clothes, so in a lot of scenes that’s what I’m doing because I have like five minutes to get ready,” she said. “But when I do have time to get ready, I love to go all out. The hair, the makeup, shoes, outfit, everything — I love being very extravagant and like I said, a statement. And anything I wear I like to stand out, I’ve always been like that for some reason.”

Tune in to Southern Charm, which airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

What do you think of Dennis’s style mantra? Do you prefer the TV personality with blonde hair or her signature fiery hue? Sound off below!

–Sarah Kinonen, with reporting by Emily Strohm

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