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You know Cameran Eubanks as the cute, snappy voice of reason on Southern Charm, Bravo’s reality show following a group of entertaining (if a tad dramatic) friends in Charleston, South Carolina. To hold you over until we hopefully see season three (more on that below), we caught up with Eubanks before she hit Lipton’s first-ever Be More Tea Festival to talk all things Southern style, the inspiration for her nontraditional wedding dress and, yes, all the goods she could divulge about her Southern Charm pals.

Eubanks poses at Lipton’s first-ever Be More Tea Festival in honor of the brand’s 125th anniversary on Oct. 24 in North Charleston, South Carolina. Photo: Mic Smith/AP Images for Lipton

We usually associate festival style with summer. What does one wear to a fall music festival?
Well, I feel like a music festival in Charleston is very different from other parts of the country. Everybody gets dressed up for everything. If there’s a football game, you put on a dress. If there’s a festival, you want to look nice. It’s very rare that you see people in jeans and a T-shirt. So I can tell you I won’t be looking like a slob. [Ed. note: For those wondering, her jumpsuit in the photo above is by Lilly Pulitzer]

What do you think are the key aspects of Southern style?
It’s definitely very preppy. And Charleston, especially, is not really a trendy city. A lot of people will wear classic, basic pieces and maybe accessorize a little funky. But, it’s not like L.A. Most girls own a pair of pearls. If you don’t own a pair of pearls and you live in Charleston, that’s odd.

How would you describe your personal style?
I dress preppy with a little bit of an edge. I don’t want to look like a complete schoolmarm, but I’m definitely more of a conservative dresser. I have never worn a crop top. I think I’m too old! I think when you’re over 30 the crop top is just too much.

You had a really sleek, modern wedding dress. What made you decide to go that route?
I wanted to be the anti-Southern bride. I feel like most Southern girls, when they get married, wear the exact same thing. They wear a big poofy dress. And I wanted to look hot on my wedding day! Actually my inspiration was Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. I loved what she wore to her wedding, that very simple, silk slip dress.

You have the longest eyelashes on TV. Tell us everything!
Oh my gosh, here’s my secret: I sleep in my mascara. [Laughs] I very rarely take it off, so it kind of just builds itself up.

You’re breaking the number-one beauty rule!
I really am! But I’m obsessed with the Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara. I love it. It doesn’t come off on your pillows!

So, we have to talk Southern Charm. Are you guys filming season three?
I am not allowed to say! Bravo has not formally announced anything, so I will just say, wait and see. I’m sorry!

Well, we know that Kathryn and Thomas are expecting baby number two. What are your thoughts on that development?
I told Kathryn the other day: The two of them might not be the best suited for each other, but they do make a beautiful child. So, I think having another one of their creations in the world will not be a bad thing. [Their daughter] Kensington is one of the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen. And they’re working through their relationship. They’re trying to do what’s best for the children.

One of the other highlights of the show is obviously Whitney’s mother, Patricia. Have you ever been in her closet?
It is fabulous. I don’t even want to think about how many Birkin bags she has. She’s the real deal. A lot of people make comments on Twitter and stuff like, Oh, she’s stuck up! But if you really get to know her, she is one of the most giving, good-hearted people you’ll ever meet in your entire life. She just makes no apologies [about herself], which I think is really cool.

Do you hope Southern Charm will be back for season three? What do you think Southern style so distinctive?

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–Lindy Segal

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