'Southern Charm' 's Kathryn Dennis Takes Us Inside Her Best and Worst Instagram Posts

The outspoken Southern Charm star takes us inside her stylish Instagram feed

On a show full of outspoken characters, Kathryn Dennis may be the boldest of them all. The 26-year-old star of Bravo’s Southern Charm isn’t afraid to say exactly what she feels — even if that alienates her from her friends and castmates. That said, Dennis has turned a new leaf this season of the show, finding allies in some of the ladies, Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner, as well as longtime friends Craig Conover and Shep Rose. And while the mom of Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2 1/2, has been making strides lately, both on and off the show, she says that “spicy ginger” still comes out.

One place Dennis showcases her personality is her Instagram feed, which features everything from glam photo shoots to sweet family photos. So when Dennis stopped by PEOPLE HQ in N.Y.C., we had to ask her about some of her most stylish — and surprising — posts. Watch the Inside My Instagram video above — and catch some of the highlights below.

The fashion-loving star spoke about her favorite look she’s worn, which happens to be her cast photo. Turns out, she had to fight to wear the “1800s-ish” outfit.

“They actually didn’t want me to wear the collar over my jumpsuit, because that’s what it is, a collar and a jumpsuit,” she explains. “But I kinda had a fit and I said ‘This is me. The other is not me.’ I’m out there, I am outlandish.” She adds, “Got my way anyway so it’s cool.”

And like all of us, she has a photo she regrets posting — thanks to a FaceTuning mishap.

“I tried to suck in my arm or I was sucking in my chest, who knows? There’s a huge squiggle on my purse strap,” she points out on the snap. “Everybody called me out but I’m like, I can’t take it down.” She then references a classic Andy Warhol quote, saying “I don’t read what they say, I just measure it in inches.”

As for her “thirstiest” photo, Dennis points to a photo where she was quite literally covered in water.

“I did a photoshoot and she sprayed me with water, because she was like ‘Oh my god you should do the Kim Kardashian, like, slicked-back hair with the sweetheart neck,’ and I was like OK,” she recalls while showing off the photo. “I’m trying to look sexy. I look confused. Yeah, regretted that one.”

The mom of two shares tons of photos with her kids, but her favorites are from this past Easter, she says. “That was my attempt at getting the normal family photo where everyone is smiling at the same time,” she shares. “Kensie’s doing the duck lips in one, she’s screaming in the other … this is real life, basically.” (Dennis lost custody of her kids after a failed drug test in 2016, and has not revealed details of her current custody arrangement.)

Dennis also opens up about ex Thomas Ravenel, whose photo still appears in several posts on her Instagram feed. “It’s a part of my past and I don’t mind looking at them,” she says, adding that in the end, it comes down to their children. “He’s the father of my kids and I always want to keep that unified front.” (Ravenel was recently accused of sexual assault by multiple women, and Bravo confirmed to PEOPLE that he would not be filming this season’s reunion, although his current girlfriend Ashley Jacobs was present for filming. Dennis and Ravenel appear to be amicable at the moment, as she posted a photo with Thomas at daughter Kensie’s dance recital last week with the caption “What matters most? My daughter’s happiness.”)

As for the photo that best represents how Dennis feels right now, she points to a simple black-and-white shot from a recent shoot.

“That’s me genuinely laughing,” Dennis says of the photo, the second one in the gallery post above. “In that moment I think I really was laughing at something, probably feeling awkward because I was in a shoot. But that’s a laugh I rarely see, I don’t know, it reminds me of the days before I knew how sh–y people were.”

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