The star opens up to people about her relationship with her hair -- and what she wears on date nights with Jonas

By Jillian Ruffo
June 21, 2017 10:23 AM
Credit: Courtesy Wella

For years, Sophie Turner has been serving up endless braid, wave and updo inspiration both on the red carpet and on-screen as Sansa Stark in the HBO hit in Game of Thrones. And now, the natural-born blonde is taking her knack for cool hairstyles one step further as Wella Professionals‘ new Global Brand Ambassador. We spoke to the actress to get the scoop on her hair evolution — and what she wears on date nights with boyfriend Joe Jonas.

“My hair is a big part of my career,” the 21-year-old star tells PeopleStyle of her famous mane, which she dyes red for Game of Thrones. “I love changing around my look and really throwing myself into roles. My red hair represents the most amazing period of my life. It was the first time that I threw myself completely into something and transformed myself for it. It’s rewarding to know that I had red hair for a while. I’m proud of myself for doing that at such a young age because it can be quite daunting transforming myself.”

Between dyeing her hair and constantly styling it for television, Turner explains that keeping her strands healthy is a priority — which is where her partnership with Wella was born.

“They came to me and I immediately jumped at the chance [to partner with them] because their products are what keep my hair so healthy while I’m constantly doing things to it — dyeing it or straightening it or curling it for whichever project it is,” she says, adding that she swears by the Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask to replenish her hair.

And with some of the coolest braids on television, you’d think she’s picked up a few tricks or two. But Turner shares that she relies on her glam squad for most of her looks.

“I definitely try my best,” she says about styling her own hair. “I kind of try to leave it up to the professionals because they know what they’re doing. My go-to is loose, with not much done to it. Once I’ve washed my hair, I put it in plait; give it a little bit of a wave. I’m not very good at it.”

Which is why, on her date nights with boyfriend Joe Jonas, she keeps it natural. “I wear the same look as I wear that day,” says the star. “I probably straighten out all the kinks in my hair but that’s the maximum amount of effort I put in. I’m not one for dressing up.”

Jonas, on the other hand? He takes his products more seriously than she does. “He’s got a way better hair regime than I do,” she laughs.

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As for hair inspiration, you’re not the only one stealing styles from Sansa Stark. She, too takes cues from her character, along with other roles that she plays.

“For a really long time I was wearing my hair in a topknot and leaving the bottom of the hair loose, from Game of Thrones,” she says. “Maybe I would braid the top. So I was definitely taking Sansa inspiration circa season five-ish. But I’m always taking inspiration. In X-Men, there was an ’80s big hairstyle, with a bit of volume—I really liked doing that for a while. Maybe a part of it is like psychologically getting myself into that character in my time off but honesty I think it’s because they style my hair so well on set and I’m not so good at it off-set.”

Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

And lot of her pulling ideas from Sansa, she says, is due to the fact that she’s been forced to sport the character’s extra-long length for years– both during and between filming.

“I’ve been contracted to Game of Thrones for so many years, and you’re not really allowed to cut it, you’re not really allowed to do very much with it because getting back to that certain color and style and shape without getting extensions and things, I haven’t really been able to have much kind of creative freedom over it,” she says. “A lot is working with what you have and trying to find interesting things to do with long hair. After a while it gets a bit tricky. Which is also probably why I resorted to mimicking my character’s style.”

So it’s no surprise that once she’s done with GOT, we can expect to see a major hair change from Turner. While she goes back to blonde between filming, the star shares that she’s going to go wild with her strands.

“One day I’ll probably go crazy with it,” she says, adding, “I’d kind of be down to dye it kind of gray-ish. Maybe even go shoulder length. I’d have to ease myself into it. I wouldn’t go straight into any bright colors anytime soon but I’d love to.”

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