The Game of Thrones star opens up about hair, power and her future wedding dress

Sophie Turner has a lot going on right now. She’s in the middle of filming Game of Thrones, recently wrapped her second X-Men film, and recently announced her engagement to DNCE frontman Joe Jonas. And to top it all off, she landed a gig as the the face of haircare brand Wella, with an assist from the famous red hair that she sports on the big screen.

For the 22-year-old actress, her hair, along with a killer pair of heels, is what has been giving her power since she was a teenager — and she told us all about it, below.

“As a redhead, I was originally really shy. I was 13 and changed my hair from blonde to red [for the show] and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so weird, this is not me’,” she tells PeopleStyle. “But my role in Game of Thrones went from being a very vulnerable and insecure young girl to being a powerful woman who is very confident in herself and very empowered. So whenever I think of my red hair, I relate it to such a strong woman.”

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So how does she keep her always-flawless strands strong and shiny? She relies on Wella’s new Wellaplex in-salon treatment. “I swear by it. It’s the best thing for your hair – it really changes the feeling and the texture and keeps it so strong,” she says. “As an actor, I’m always dyeing my hair and using heat on it, so it’s really important to keep my hair healthy so I can keep changing it.”

For the moment, Turner is back to blonde, which is how she appears in the ads for her Wella campaigns. And she enjoys experiencing the way each new hair change makes her feel.

“Whenever I go red, I feel like, F— yeah,” she shares. “As a blonde, it’s empowering in a different way. I went back to my natural color and I was like, Damn, I feel like Sophie again. I find power in every haircut and color because you can transform yourself into whatever you want and you can reinvent yourself.”

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Which is why, whenever she can, she avoids wigs (though she’s currently sporting one while filming the next season of Game of Thrones). “It’s really empowering thing to use your hair for roles,” she explains. “When you’re wearing a wig, it gives a sense of momentary transformation and it doesn’t let you really commit to a role. So I try to really use my own hair.”

So if she could use her hair to transform into anyone, who would she pick? Easy: Her X-Men costar Jennifer Lawrence. “I basically just want to look exactly like her,” Turner says. “Whenever we hang out, she doesn’t wear makeup because she’s already completely stunning.”

As for her other A-list co-star and future bridesmaid, Maisie Williams, their friendship was founded on some (purposeful) beauty blunders. “Maisie and I, when we were younger, we would do each other’s makeup really badly as a joke and go out to bars with terribly, s—ty makeup on and it would be hilarious,” she laughs. “We have too much fun to share anything genuine and sincere but she does steal my Wella products.”

Turner says she also relies on fashion to help her feel her most empowered. “Whenever I wear heels, I feel really f—ing powerful. I always want to wear pants with heels, that’s when I feel the most badass,” she says. “Or a good pair of sunglasses; I feel like a female boss.”

But there’s one sartorial item she’s not focused on at the moment: her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials to Jonas, which she’s waiting until next year to plan. “I think fashion is ever-changing,” she explains. “You never know what’s going to be fashionable next year, so I think I am just holding off for now.”