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By Alex Apatoff
Updated September 15, 2015 02:30 PM

Some people wish they had special scents made just for them. Sophia Bush actually invented one. PEOPLE caught up with the actress-turned-beauty mogul at an event for the 2015 Wordie Games (where she played Words With Friends against Ian Somerhalder!) and we had to ask about her mix-and-match fragrance line that she’s sure will make women “feel good” and “confident.” Read on for the five facts that might have you sending your résumé to her start-up.

Sophia Bush perfume

Courtesy Sophia Bush

• How to Woo a Guy in One Minute
Trying to win over a guy? Have a hot date? Look no further, as there’s one scent I Smell Great scent she says is “definitely” proven to make men go crazy. “All of the guys at work really love our Wild Honey and there’s something about mixing Wild Honey with the Angel Cake that they’re obsessed with,” Bush told PEOPLE of her Chicago P.D. coworkers, joking “Of course, the guys like the Wild/Angel combo!”

• You’ll Get (Way) More for (Much) Less
“We’ve patented a new scent technology so that our perfumes reactivate as our girls wear them because we want your product to last. We want your product to work for you all day, and that feels really good to be making something like that,” says Bush, who added that she’s learned over the years that some perfume companies make their products non-lasting so that you need to continuously reapply all day (and replenish your bottle sooner!).

• Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way
Starting your own company is never easy, but Bush’s hard work and determination — along with that of her partner and co-founder Randi Shinder — is what has kept this long, tedious process afloat. “Our scents were being tested almost three years ago, [and] it’s also exciting because I don’t think I even could have done this 10 years ago,” she says about balancing acting life with running a company. “I can be in Chicago and LA and she’s in New York and Toronto, and sometimes she’s all over the place and I’m all over the place, but we’re taking meetings on FaceTime on her way to the airport and on my way to the set, we’re having samples sent to us in all of our locations and testing them together even though we’re not in the same place — that stuff is just mind-blowing.”

•Her Other Job Is Really, Really Fun
I Smell Great’s four initial scents (Angel Cake, Beach Babe, Candy Crush and Wild Honey) may seem frivolous, but they actually go hand-in-hand with Bush’s advocacy for women. “I have always been disheartened [by] how beauty has always been marketed in a way of telling women they’re not enough and that they need to buy something to feel better about themselves,” she says. “For us, it’s all about products that women love to use that make us feel good, that make us feel confident and we want those things to be based in an affirmation — we want you to start your day being reminded of your greatness and your potential, and the fact that you deserve to feel like your best self.”

•Oh Yeah, There Are Other Perks Too
Now that summer is coming to an end, I Smell Great is thinking fall scents. “They are exquisite,” says Bush. “One is so me and the one is so Randi, and it was really fun for us to make those things and make them so differently and then sort of feel like they’re each our baby.”

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–Nicole Sands