Sophia Bush gave a hidden nod to her character in her red carpet look for the Incredibles 2 premiere

By Chazz Inniss
June 07, 2018 01:30 PM

The Incredibles 2 premiered Tuesday in L.A. and the star-studded red carpet was a moment for some incredible fashion statements. Although there wasn’t a cape moment, one attendee had a more hidden super-fashion moment: Sophia Bush.

Bush, 35, carried a custom Edie Parker clutch inspired by her character, Voyd, a superhero who has the ability to make things appear and disappear. The clutch featured the character’s blue mask from the movie, adding a little iridescent blue pop to her star-printed turquoise dress. The actress gave an additional nod to her character with her nails, which featured what looks like it could be the super’s signature logo “V” on her ring finger.

JB Lacroix/WireImage

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Bush and her stylist, Erica Cloud, worked with Brett Heyman, the designer of Edie Parker, to create this clutch for the premiere. “We thought giving a little nod to Voyd with the accessories would be nice which is why the Edie Parker clutch was perfect,” says Cloud. “It’s just the right amount of playful, modern and chic.”

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Heyman was the ideal designer for this project, as she says the original The Incredibles is her “favorite animated film of all time.” It’s also one of Bush’s favorite animated movies, which is why when she heard she was cast for the upcoming movie she screamed in the middle of a restaurant.

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She told Entertainment Tonight, “I never check my email; it’s like a thing that I’m sort of famous in my inner circle for. So, I got a text message saying ‘Open your email right now! I was like, ‘Ok…’ So I did. There was a letter – like an old-fashioned, beautiful letter that has all the Incredibles characters on the bottom – and it’s from Brad Bird, who’s the writer and the director, asking me to be in Incredibles 2. I screamed out loud.”

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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Working together on the bag and Bush’s premiere outfit was a seamless task that ended up being a blast for both sides, according to the designer. “Erica sent over the idea of doing a bag with Voyd’s mask on it. The team was so enthusiastic about it we developed some mock-ups and landed on the design within a day,” Heyman explains.

Meanwhile, Cloud had fun coordinating the look with the bag. “We coordinated the look with complementary colors with the bag instead of being literal,” she says. “It keeps it playful without becoming over the top!”

Hear Sophia take on the superhero role of a lifetime when The Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15.