The RHONY star just launched her latest business venture

By Colleen Kratofil
February 06, 2018 04:34 PM

When it comes to business, there’s no denying that Real Housewives know how to hustle and no one more so than Real Housewives of New York‘s Sonja Morgan. Despite delays and drama she launched her international lifestyle brand, Sonja Morgan New York and a prosecco line Tipsy Girl. And now she’s ready to move on to her next big project — a specially designed line of French Sole flats.

The storied N.Y.C. shoe store teamed up with one of their most loyal Upper East Side costumers for an eight-piece collection of ballet flats and loafers called French Sole by Sonja Morgan.

“I’ve always lived on the Upper East Side and French Sole is an Upper East Side brand,” Morgan tells PeopleStyle. “I walk everywhere and of course I pass by the store and drop in. It’s just something that I do — it’s a part of my life and I try on shoes. And my daughter has worn them since she was 9 years old.”

Courtesy French Sole

And with the nickname, “Sexy Sonja,” you better bet she made her flats feel as alluring as a pair of stilettos. “One of my ballets is a leopard calfskin with a red trim and bow and it has a very deep cut on the toe cleavage. It’s a nice alluring cut.”

But for optimal style, it’s all about pairing them with the right outfit. “For one thing when I go to a yoga class, I don’t wear sneakers. I wear my ballet flats,” she explains. “I think it’s much more feminine and then you can dress up your outfit. Putting a ballet with your black athletic pants along with a beautiful cashmere sweater — you’re dressed to go anywhere. You can go to a café and meet a girlfriend afterwards with a little scarf and I think my shoes work with today’s woman [who has] a fast-paced ever-changing day.”

Courtesy French Sole

To come up with such chic styles, Morgan approached the design process the same way she does with her clothing line. “I would just cut away a little here, add a little there, embellish a little more on a buckle or a heel,” she explains. “For instance, my black ballet slippers I put a leopard lining inside with my logo so I felt that that was just enough to make it really my own. And so it stands out among other black ballet slippers, and they look fun.”

Some of her first costumers will be her RHONY castmates who will be getting a pair when they launch, and yes, that even includes Bethenny Frankel who had an infamous confrontation with Morgan about her Tipsy Girl line. But Morgan says that’s water under the bridge and they’re very supportive of one another. In fact, Morgan raved about Frankel’s new denim line.

“I was very excited to be there for the Skinny Girl Jeans launch, she says. “It was really great to be there because I already had the jeans and was wearing them a ridiculous amount of times. I said to [Frankel] ‘I sleep in these things.’ I mean seriously I tell you they’re so soft; they fit so well. I’m a fan right now of the super high waist — it just sucks everything in. Right now I have a couple of pairs and my daughter grabbed one pair to [bring to] boarding school.”

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The shoes will be available starting in fall 2018, but Morgan will be on-hand during the MAGIC convention in Las Vegas during FN PLATFORM on February 13 for the official unveiling (which is the same place stars including Katy Perry and Fergie launched their shoe lines).

“I’m very excited about MAGIC,” Morgan says. “I went to FIT for marketing and this is going to be the first time I attend MAGIC. I’ve always worked in fashion so to finally go to MAGIC after all this time it’s amazing.”

We’re raising a glass of Tipsy Girl bubbly in your honor!