Someone Tried to Bleach Amy Adams' Skin Once (We Are Assuming This Person Was Insane)

Plus, find out which skincare product she favors with J.Lo!

Amy Adams‘ porcelain skin is the stuff sunscreen fanatics build Pinterest boards around, so when we heard that someone once tried to lighten the actress’s gorgeous fair skin during a facial gone wrong, we freaked — and apparently, so did she!

Amy Adams Allure magazine April 2016

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Adams, 41, told
that the worst beauty advice she ever received was “that I needed to bleach my skin … I was getting a facial, and a woman put something on me, and it started to burn. I was like, ‘What is this?’ She said, ‘Skin lightener.’ I was like, ‘Get this off immediately!'”

But after the horrifying skin treatment gone wrong, the actress says that over the years, she’s learned which products work best for her skin and now credits a cocktail of super-luxe, anti-aging favorites for her flawless complexion.

“When I’m working and wearing a lot of makeup, I use Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser because I have very reactive skin,” she said. “But at home, I just use water. For moisturizer, I use La Mer. At first I was like, I can’t use this! It’s so expensive and fancy, and J.Lo uses it! But it has saved my face.”

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And though she is happy to credit a JLo-inspired beauty regimen for her looks, she says much of her routine is about embracing a simple routine that’s more about going barefaced and beautiful (just like these sans-makeup stars!).

“I don’t do a lot when I’m not red-carpeting,” the actress told the magazine. “I feel more authentically myself if I’m a bit more natural.”

Have you ever heard of skin bleaching? Would you ever get it done? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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