"I've sorta begun to go for the minimalist approach," she tells PEOPLE

By Kate Hogan
Updated December 01, 2020 07:38 PM

Johns PKI/Splash News Online

We’ve been loving the way Solange Knowles jazzes up her outfits with bold prints and colors, but just as we’ve fallen for her look, the singer says she’s switching it up.

“I’ve sorta begun to go for the minimalist approach,” she told PEOPLE at the Absolut Tune launch event in New York City this week. “Obviously I wear a lot of prints and a lot of colors, but there are so many different facets to my style and this last particular season had a very minimalist vibe.”

Though she’s experimenting with a simpler look, the multifaceted starlet still believes her style needs a bit of edge. “I can wear one color, but there has to be a certain detail there,” she explained. “I like things that are extremely architectural and amazing, so I can just build an outfit around that.”

As for what’s inspiring her new aesthetic? “I just focus on things I really love!” she said. “I actually have a genuine curiosity to see what’s going [down the runway], but in terms of just doing the whole Fashion Week thing — it gets so exhausting. It’s during the same week that my son starts school every year, so I can’t juggle the two that well. I don’t know how [some] women do it!” Tell us: Are you a fan of Solange’s style?

–Carlos Greer